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Introducing, the new Co-act Gripper EGH from SCHUNK!

SCHUNK has just announced a new end-of-arm tool: the Co-act gripper EGH! This is the latest in technology from SCHUNK, a cutting-edge market leader in clamping technologies and gripping systems. The company has been around for more than 50 years, producing superb quality products and continuing to innovate reliable automation solutions.

Designed for the moving of small to medium-sized workpieces and flexible grasping, the Co-act gripper EGH is an ideal solution for the assembly, handling and electronics industries. Due to its long and variable stroke, the EGH can cover various ranges of workpieces. Some of its technical highlights include: a large and freely programmable stroke, flexible and adjustable fingers, parallel finger movement and status display via a LED light band.

The Co-act gripper EGH is ready-to-work in just 30 minutes, and the starter kit has all the required components for plug and work mounting of the gripper to a Universal Robots’ cobot. The starter kit includes:

  • SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH

  • Attachment fingers - rigid or flexible

  • Finger inserts - soft or firm

  • USB stick – includes plugin designed for Universal Robots (URCap)

  • Tool - Allen key

  • Velcro tapes - for fastening the cables

  • ISO flange - for mounting the gripper at the ISO interface

  • IO-Link master with connection cable

SCHUNK Co-act grippers are created for applications with cobots. There are various protective devices to ensure the safety of the solution. Due to its’ simplicity and flexibility, the EGH gripper makes it easy to implement for companies who are new to automation. The certified SCHUNK Co-act EGL-C and EGP-C grippers are ideal solutions for applications that work directly with human interaction, with reliable safety features that allow them to be used in the area of human-robot collaboration.

Contact our applications engineers today to discuss how the SCHUNK Co-act grippers can assist you in the deployment of your cobot project!


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