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Is your Cobot working to maximum efficiency?

For owners of the CB2 series from Universal Robots’, this announcement is to notify you of the end-of-life for the CB2 generation of robots. Since 2014, UR has discontinued sales of new CB2 robot systems.

What does this mean for you?

Click here to read the full announcement and a list of all the parts affected. All spare part sales, service, and support for CB2 robots will be discontinued on 30 June 2022. We will accept last-time-buy orders for spare parts until 30 June 2022. Is there another line of robots past the CB Series? The CB Series is superseded by the e-Series – Universal Robots’ most recent product family. Customers migrating to e- Series will enjoy the benefits of the latest hardware and software including:

  • increased performance in pose repeatability

  • adjustable safety functions

  • advanced sensing and communications control

  • tooling extensibility

  • market-leading deployment experience

Key benefits of the e-Series

Flexible Deployment

The e-series cobots are lightweight, space saving and easy to redeploy to multiple applications without changing production layouts. They can be moved between tasks quickly and are able to reuse programs for recurrent tasks, giving customers the flexibility to automate multiple manual tasks within one production facility even with just one cobot.

Easy Programming

Save on the costs of a professional programmer with Universal Robots. The e-Series patented and intuitive 3D-interface allows anyone within the production facility to become a robot programmer even without prior experience. Fast Set-Up

Reduce robot deployment time from weeks to hours with Universal Robots. UR’s cobots do not require special electrical installations and can be connected to any regular power outlet.

Fast Payback

Universal Robots makes robotic automation an option for small and medium enterprises, small batch production runs and other set-ups where traditional solutions may be too expensive.

Safe & Collaborative

With UR, you can fuse the best of human ingenuity with robot competency for accelerated productivity and growth. Safety functions like customizable stop time and stop distance limits in our cobots can ensure safety when cobots work hand-in-hand with operators.

What’s next? Schedule a consultation with our experts today!

Want to learn more about the e-Series? Check out this video!


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