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It's Time For Smarter Buildings with Cooper WaveLinx

Simple. Scalable. Insightful.

In today's world, our buildings are at the heart of our daily activities, serving as workplaces, shopping destinations, and service hubs. However, they come at a significant environmental cost, responsible for 40% of global energy consumption and 33% of greenhouse gas emissions. The urgent need for smarter, more efficient, and eco-friendly building management systems has never been clearer. Enter Cooper WaveLinx, a pioneering lighting control system that promises to transform the way we manage our buildings.

Introducing WaveLinx

How does WaveLinx work?

WaveLinx represents a cutting-edge system that seamlessly integrates wired and wireless devices to manage lighting across various spaces. Whether you're seeking lighting control for a single room or a complex network of spaces, WaveLinx offers a versatile solution. Here's a closer look at its functionality:

  • Single Space Control: In individual rooms, you can choose between wired CAT devices or wireless LITE devices. This adaptability ensures that WaveLinx can cater to your specific requirements.

  • Connected Spaces: When dealing with multiple spaces, you can employ wired CAT and/or wireless PRO devices. These devices can be interconnected via the WaveLinx Area Controller, creating a unified lighting control system spanning your entire building.

  • Remote Management: For remote management and data exchange, WaveLinx provides the CORE on-premises server. This server features standard and proprietary interfaces like BACnet®/IP, OpenADR, APIs, and visualization applications, streamlining the monitoring and management of your lighting system from any location.

WaveLinx Advantages

Simple to Design

  • Code Compliance: WaveLinx is meticulously designed to comply with all North American energy codes. It autonomously manages lighting, emergency lighting, and plug loads based on occupancy, time-based events, and demand response signals, including OpenADR. This ensures your building remains energy-efficient and compliant with regulations.

  • Scalability: WaveLinx simplifies the process of specifying and designing a hybrid digital lighting control system. CAT5 wired control devices are plug-and-play, and wireless control devices can be easily configured using the mobile app.

  • Luminaire Level Lighting Control (LLLC): Cooper Lighting Solutions offers an extensive range of WaveLinx-enabled luminaires suitable for various applications, including indoor and outdoor use, as well as low-bay and high-bay installations. This grants you precise control at the individual luminaire level.

  • Different Technologies, One System: Whether you prefer wired or wireless lighting control devices, WaveLinx Area Controller bridges the gap, creating a single, comprehensive digital lighting control system that seamlessly integrates both technologies.

Simple to Install

  • Simplified Wiring: Wired devices feature RJ45 connections and CAT5 cables for both control and powering devices. On the other hand, wireless devices eliminate the need for communication wiring. Factory-programmed switchpacks self-commission, while keypad and ceiling sensors provide intuitive control over a room's lights. Mobile devices and the WaveLinx app allow for quick adjustments to zoning, keypad settings, or sensor configurations.

  • Faster Installation: WaveLinx wireless devices and WaveLinx-enabled luminaires don't require intricate wiring connections, resulting in quicker, more cost-effective installations with reduced labor hours.

  • Less Programming: WaveLinx simplifies the programming process. Factory zone-assigned load controllers and luminaires with integrated sensors in out-of-box mode require no additional programming to control spaces effectively.

  • Easy App-Based Configuration: Connecting control devices and customizing a space is effortless with WaveLinx apps and any smart device. Code-compliant templates and default settings significantly reduce programming time, making it more efficient and accessible.

WaveLinx Control Devices

WaveLinx offers a range of control devices to suit various needs:

  • Controllers and Smart Platform: These devices provide the intelligence behind the WaveLinx system, enabling comprehensive control and management.

  • Sensors: Sensors play a crucial role in optimizing lighting based on occupancy and daylight harvesting, enhancing energy efficiency.

  • Load Controllers: Load controllers ensure precise control of lighting loads, helping you achieve optimal energy savings.

  • Wallstations: Wallstations provide a user-friendly interface for occupants to adjust lighting settings as needed.

WaveLinx by Cooper Lighting Solutions, in collaboration with Power-Flo Technologies, is a game-changer in the world of building automation. It offers simplicity in design, ease of installation, and powerful control capabilities. By implementing WaveLinx, made possible through Power-Flo Technologies, you can make your building smarter, more energy-efficient, and contribute to a greener future. It's time to take the first step towards smarter buildings with WaveLinx. Simple. Scalable. Insightful.


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