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Join the rEVolution with Leviton Evr-green EV chargers!

Discover the dynamic synergy of Leviton EV Chargers, meticulously designed to electrify the future of transportation. Proudly partnered with Power-Flo Technologies, a distinguished distributor, these cutting-edge charging solutions epitomize innovation, reliability, and sustainability. Leviton's comprehensive range, including EV Series chargers and Evr-Green® DC stations, offers seamless charging experiences for various applications. With PowerFlo Technologies at the helm of distribution, these chargers take center stage in propelling electric mobility forward, illuminating the path to a greener and more accessible transportation landscape.

Meet The Complete Leviton Evr-green Series!

Introducing Leviton's advanced EV Series Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station - the ultimate solution for fast and secure charging of any SAE J1772™ compatible electric vehicle. With 32,48, or 80 Amp options output delivering 11.6kW, this charging station ensures quick refueling for your electric car. Equipped with a durable J1772 Charge Connector and an 18' Cord featuring a freeze and crack-resistant design, it stands up to extreme weather conditions, guaranteeing reliable performance.

Dive Into The Features & Benefits

  • Fast and secure charging of any SAE J1772™ compatible electric vehicle

  • Optional access control: station comes with RFID disabled - simply tap RFID card to activate

  • Cable design prevents cord from freezing and cracking in extreme weather

  • For indoor and outdoor use with a thermoplastic, water-resistant enclosure rated NEMA Type 3R

  • Easy installation with pre-attached input cable and mounting hardware included

  • Energy Star Certified

A Solution For All Electric Vehicle Charging Applications

For residential applications

EV Chargers with Wi-Fi


• View charging station status, fault notifications, and more!

• Take control of the entire home, including electric vehicle charging, lighting, and load center

For workplace and commercial applications

All stations can activate optional access control,

with RFID cards

Benefits include:

  1. Enhanced Security: RFID adds an additional layer of security to the charging station. Only users with authorized RFID cards can activate the charger, reducing the risk of unauthorized use or tampering.

  2. User Access Control: Charging station owners have the ability to manage access to their chargers more effectively. They can provide RFID cards only to authorized users.

  3. Billing and Payment: RFID-enabled chargers can be integrated with billing and payment systems. This allows charging operators to accurately track energy usage for each user and facilitate seamless payments, making it convenient for both EV owners and station owners.

  4. Fleet Management: For businesses with electric vehicle fleets, RFID chargers simplify fleet management. Charging sessions can be monitored and allocated to specific vehicles or drivers, helping to optimize charging schedules.

Explore The Offering

EV Series Level 2 Charging Stations

Catalog #: EV320

32 Amp, 208/240 VAC, 7.6 kW, 18' Cable, Optional RFID

Catalog #: EV480

48 Amp, 208/240 VAC, 11.6 kW, 18' Cable, Optional RFID

Catalog #: EV800

80 Amp, 208/240 VAC, 19.2 kW, 18’ Cable, Optional RFID

Catalog #: EV32W

32 Amp, 208/240 VAC, 7.6 kW, 18' Cable, Optional RFID,

Wi-Fi, My Leviton Compatibility

Catalog #: EV48W

48 Amp, 208/240 VAC, 11.6 kW, 18' Cable, Optional RFID,

Wi-Fi, My Leviton Compatibility

Catalog #: EV80W

80 Amp, 208/240 VAC, 19.2 kW, 18’ Cable,

Optional RFID, Wi-Fi, My Leviton Compatibility

Catalog #: ERFID

Additional RFID card

Ignite The Future of Mobility with Public Use Charging Stations

Evr-Green® 4000

Evr-Green® DC

Evr-Green® 4000

Public Use Charging Stations

Level 2 Public Use Charging Stations Catalog #: Evr-Green 4000*

30 Amp, 208/240 VAC, 7.2 kW, 18’ Cable

• Ideal for workplace, commercial, or outdoor public charging

• Available in free-standing and wall mount configurations for easy installation anywhere

Evr-Green® DC

Public Use Charging Stations

Catalog #: CPDCF

156 Amp, 480 Volt, 62.5 kW, 14’ Cable

• Direct-current (DC) charging allows for quick charging at rest stops, retail locations and other public applications

Alternative Fuels and Electric Vehicle Recharging Property Credit (Federal)

Within the realm of the Alternative Fuels and Electric Vehicle Recharging Property Credit, Leviton emerges as a qualifying participant under the commercial application. The scope of eligibility spans across all EV Series chargers, positioning Leviton chargers to tap into the benefits of this program. This enticing incentive entails a nonrefundable tax credit, encompassing a generous 50% coverage of the expenses incurred in establishing alternative fueling infrastructure. With a cap extending up to $5,000, this credit seamlessly accommodates both personal and business-associated EVSE installations. Embark on this opportunity to drive change while reaping the rewards of substantial financial support.

EV Make-Ready Program (NY State)

Leviton stands as an eligible contender within the ambit of the EV Make-Ready Program on the state level, particularly within the commercial application segment. The inclusivity extends across all EV Series chargers and Evr-Green® DC charging stations, allowing Leviton chargers to participate and benefit from this program. The incentive holds the promise of covering electric infrastructure expenses related to novel non-residential EV charging stations, with the potential to encompass up to 100% of these costs. The focus is directed towards light-duty Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) installations, subject to specific subject matter prerequisites and utility company stipulations. This provides the ability to partake in the advancement of electric mobility infrastructure while potentially enjoying substantial support for their endeavors.

Fueling The Nation, One Charger at a Time

As Power-Flo Technologies works towards fueling the nation, one charger at a time, the collaboration with Leviton EV Chargers will continue to shine brightly. These chargers stand as beacons of innovation, backed by a commitment to reliability and environmental consciousness. EV charging solutions assume a pivotal role in driving the evolution of electric mobility, marking a transformative step towards a cleaner and more efficient transportation future.


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