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Keystone DirectDrive LED Corn Cob Lamps

Keystone believes in Light Made Easy®, that lighting should be simple, hassle-free, and enjoyable. They continually seek new ways to make things easier for their customers and partners from simple product instructions that speed installation time, to 17 warehouse locations guaranteeing fast delivery to exceed their customers’ expectations.

Keystone’s LED HID replacement lamps are the ideal way to upgrade HID fixtures to energy-efficient LED. You can keep your desired fixture aesthetic and save the cost of replacing fixtures by simply replacing legacy lamps with LED. In addition, adjustable Power and Color Select technology helps you reduce SKUs and customize lighting to suit your needs.

Superior Power for Outdoor Fixtures

Keystone DirectDrive LED corn cob lamps allow you to replace HID lamps with energy-saving LED in a compact bulb. Whether you’re using wall packs, canopy fixtures, or shoebox fixtures, these omni-directional lamps provide the powerful light you need, efficiently and easily – without replacing the entire fixture.

Keystone corn cob lamps are available in two versions: one with Power Select and Color Select technology

and the other with Power Select in dedicated color temperatures. Power Select and Color Select allow you to change power output and color temperature in the field with the touch of a button, and help reduce SKUs by eliminating redundant models.

Ultimate Flexibility: Power and Color Select

DirectDrive LED lamps with Power Select and Color Select allow you to quickly choose from three lumen output and three color temperature options. The lamps are available with selectable outputs starting at 36W/27W/18W all the way up to 100W/80W/63W. As well as adjustable color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, so you can select the right color temperature for your environment.

Expansive selection: Power Select with dedicated color temperature

DirectDrive LED corn cob lamps with dedicated color temperatures also feature Power Select technology. In fact, they come in 13 different models, with wattages from 12W/9W/6W all the way up to 100W/80W/63W. All are available with dedicated color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K.

With this number of models, you can select a particular output range and still decrease or increase power to meet your needs. These lamps are step-dimmable and DLC 5.1 compliant.

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to partner with Keystone in their endeavor to promote Light Made Easy®. They offer lots of options, including different lighting technologies, product features, and companies with whom to work. They aim to change the way people think about lighting to see it as it should be: simple, hassle-free, and enjoyable. The DirectDrive Corn Cob lamps do just that, offering many different options for selectable color and power.


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