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LamarLED - VOL Gen5

Voyager series with ultrasonic motion sensor


Field adjustable CCT (Multi-Color Tuning)

Choice of 3000K, 3500K or 4000K (factory preset)

Note: Each board must be switched individually

Ultrasonic motion sensors are ideal for stairwells and corridors where 360° coverage can detect motion beyond the line of sight around barriers such as staircases, workspace partitions, shelves and other obstacles in the area

Occu-Smart® S3

The Voyager series is part of our Occu-Smart® S3 product line. Equipped with an integral ultrasonic motion sensor, the VOL Gen5 features bi-level operation with adjustable standby light levels and time delay and Multi-Color tuning. With Bluetooth programming, there is no need to open the fixture for light level adjustment! All that’s needed is an IOS or Android device and free companion app!

Features and Specifications:


  • Direct setting of sensitivity and time delay using the switches on the sensor, adjustable high and low light levels through the app

  • Durable steel housing and injection molded end caps

  • Efficient LED formula impact resistant diffuser, smooth exterior for easy cleaning, retained by captive ends

  • User selectable Multi-Color Tuning via dipswitch on LED board array - choice of 3000K, 3500K or 4000K (factory pre-set to 4000K), Separate 5000k available

  • Optional Casambi® Bluetooth mesh for fixture to fixture communication (see back for details)

Size Options:

  • Available in 2’ and 4’ lengths (nominal)


  • Highly sensitive ultrasonic motion sensor detects motion outside direct line of sight

  • Easy setup with 5 minute walk test mode

  • Adjustable sensitivity and time delay of 1, 5 or 20 minutes

  • User selectable standby options 5, 10, 25 or 50% nominal light output (factory shipped 10% standby level) - Can be adjusted to any non-listed value via app

Listing & Ratings:

  • UL Certified, ADA compliant

  • Union made in the USA, Meets Buy America Act (ARRA)

Mounting Options:

  • Rigid stem mount or surface mount on ceiling or wall


  • Universal voltage 120-277V standard

  • Optional emergency backup available including "UL924" approved


  • 5 years - part replacement only (see our terms & conditions page at for details)


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