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Leeson Electric's Extreme Duck® Motor Receives IP69k Rating

Leeson Electric recently announced that the Extreme Duck® Ultra motor has earned the stringent IP69k ingress protection rating, validating that the revolutionary design is completely impenetrable to liquids and dust in any mounting position. Made entirely of stainless steel, the FDA-approved food-grade model is manufactured with materials and lubrication that are safe in sanitary environments and tough against moisture, humidity and chemicals that cause corrosion.

"The next generation design of the Extreme Duck Ultra motor withstands the harsh use that's common in the food processing industry," said Steve Bernhardt, LEESON Electric lead application engineer. "The all-stainless motor was researched, designed and tested specifically for use in wet environments and we're thrilled that it is now IP69k rated."

A proprietary shaft seal that underwent a year of testing – 8,760 hours – is one of the motor's unique features. Other features include:

  • Lead wires are non-wicking, and are colored and numbered for easy identification during installation

  • Installable in all mounting positions

  • Standard dual voltage and dual rotation

  • New encapsulation process with better materials ensure complete filling of the motors and curing of the epoxy encapsulation

  • All stainless-steel exterior

  • Nameplate information is permanently etched into the frame

  • Conduit box on TEFC motors rotates 360 degrees

  • Inverter Duty IRIS® insulation system

  • Corrosion resistant coating applied to rotor

For further information on Leeson Electric's full line of motors and drives, including the Extreme Duck, contact Dittman & Greer.


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