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Legrand Mobile Device Charging Solutions for Every Application


Today’s modern office isn’t four walls and a desk. Often, it isn’t even a desk — it’s anywhere and everywhere your employees are. Because of that, the need for power and connectivity is greater than ever — something that is often easier said than done with the trend toward open, work-from-anywhere office plans. Luckily, Legrand has a variety of solutions to keep teams connected and productive.

ALWAYS CONNECTED. Mobile devices have become a staple of our modern world. They’re an extension of ourselves and an essential tool for navigating our increasingly connected society. And they keep us in touch with friends, family, the office and the everchanging world around us. But these devices need to be recharged regularly — and people expect to find a charging solution just about anywhere they go. Legrand is here to help ensure you don’t disappoint them.

PlugTail® Dual USB Type-A/Type C Receptacle


Work and charge — anywhere.

Regardless of the industry, staying connected is a vital part of being productive and profitable. And staying connected means keeping mobile devices like phones and tablets charged and working.

Legrand has a variety of mobile charging solutions that enable seamless work from anywhere.

The PlugTail dual USB receptacle has mobile charging covered today and tomorrow. It features one USB Type-A port — the one most devices use today — and one Type-C, the smaller charging port manufacturers are shifting to in the future.

The power to do more, with less.

Get the convenience of mobile charging without the need for a bulky AC adapter. Sleek, unobtrusive design

puts power and USB Type-A mobile charging right where you need it.

Commercial Dual USB Type-A Receptacle

Shown: Pass & Seymour® TR5262USBW

Flip up. Start charging. Stay connected. Integrate a variety of connectivity and charging options into conference tables, desks and other workspaces. The sleek, low-profile designs come in a variety of configurations and finishes and flip down at the tabletop when not in use. Exceeds UL1363 spill water protection standard, eliminating risk of shock or short circuiting due to moisture entering the device. deQuorum™ Flip-Up Table Box Shown: Wiremold® DQFP15BK-2A


Students are among the most connected and most mobile of groups. Their phones and tablets are not only used to stay connected to family and friends, they’re also playing an increasingly large role in the classroom. From middle school to college, providing students with a host of mobile charging solutions is essential to keeping them plugged into today’s learning experiences.

TableSource™ Series Work Surface Modules

Shown: Wiremold TSAX1F0AL1U

The truly connected campus.

From in-furniture power and desktop connectivity in the dorms to power strips and flip-up power in classrooms — and even outdoor charging stations across campus — Legrand’s mobile charging solutions help students study and learn wherever they are.

We can outfit new buildings, or update older ones — bringing classic buildings up to modern standards.

One way we do this is with our TableSource Series Work Surface Modules. These dual service outlet centers can be attached directly to high-use work surfaces — like task tables, desks or lecture halls — or anywhere a compact platform for data and power is required.

More power. Less clutter.

Adding power and USB charging to a desk or workstation is an easy retrofit. This modern solution simply screws or clamps to the edge of a desk or workstation, providing extra power without the clutter.

Desktop Power Center

Shown: Wiremold WSPC220WH

Even in the quad.

Take the ability to plug in and stay charged out of the dorm or classroom and on to every corner of campus. Our outdoor charging stations are engineered to stand up to the most extreme weather conditions — be it an Arizona summer, a Minnesota winter or the seasonal rains of the Pacific Northwest.

Outdoor Charging Station


Although few enjoy it, waiting is an inevitable part of modern living. Whether it’s waiting for a flight to take off, a bus to arrive, a doctor to show up or a meeting to begin, being able to keep mobile devices charged helps to pass the time. By outfitting your waiting areas with mobile charging solutions, waiting can be more pleasant and productive.

Plugmold® Multioutlet System

Charge while you wait.

These days, when someone has a few free minutes, they’re pulling out their mobile device. And ideally, they’d like to use that time to keep it charged as well. By supplying your customers and guests with these conveniences, you can dramatically improve the customer experience — leading to happier, more profitable relationships.

Legrand has an array of solutions for these locations, including in-furniture charging, stylish powered pedestals, USB charging strips, outdoor charging stations and more.

Our Plugmold Multioutlet Systems are a great choice for multi-user locations —adding multiple power and USB charging receptacles without having to install additional outlets.

More than just furniture. Easily and stylishly turn furniture into a work and recharging station. The adorne Furniture Power Center blends seamlessly with your furniture designs. Simply cut the hole, insert the unit and plug the power cord into an outlet — no hardwiring needed.

adorne® Furniture Power Center

Fast charging. Anywhere.

The Vista Point5 USB Pedestal is aesthetically pleasing and easy to install. It complements any open space — making it ideal for airports, hotels, campuses and healthcare facilities.

Vista Point5 USB Pedestal

Shown: Wiremold VSP5662345USB


The desire to stay connected doesn’t end when we leave the house, office or classroom. People crave that connectivity wherever they go, even when they’re outside — in the spaces in between places. But until now, being able to charge mobile devices in a park, on a restaurant patio, at a bus stop or in a campus courtyard was a challenge. Outdoor charging solutions from Legrand are changing that.

A variety of configurations are available — from electrical outlets, USB ports or A/V communication options.

Bronze Silver Black

Anywhere under the sun. There’s no end to the places people want outdoor mobile charging solutions — and there’s almost no place Legrand can’t bring them. And when customers can enjoy outdoor spaces without sacrificing the ability to keep their phones and tablets charged, they stay longer, stay happier and spend more.

Charging, for the spaces between places. Legrand outdoor charging stations can transform any outdoor space from a place people walk past to a place they linger, laugh and work. Outdoor charging stations are available in a variety of styles and finishes, with or without LED lighting, to blend beautifully into the landscape. And they’re all built with rugged engineering to stand up to most anything Mother Nature might throw at them. NEMA 3R-rated for use in all weather conditions.


Home is your happy place. So, shouldn’t the space you live in make it easy to stay connected to the people and things you love? With the adorne® and radiant® Collections, you can elevate any room with exceptional style and innovative functionality through built-in USB charging that offers industry-leading features and a sleek, polished look.

Better at-home charging, anywhere you want it.

From simple-to-install outlets engineered with industry-leading speeds, to the flexibility of under- cabinet charging to save space as well as your backsplash, Legrand offers designer solutions to bring modern convenience to everyday living, no adapters needed. And, with weather-resistant options for outdoor use, as well as a first-of-its kind GFCI USB Outlet, you can now add accessible and attractive charging, anywhere in the home, easily.

The adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System brings an array of modular components that swap out so easily, you’ll want to reconfigure them whenever the mood strikes. From speakers and smartphone docks to lighting and outlets, there’s a world of possibilities to choose from with these high-tech, highly convenient building blocks. adorne® Under-Cabinet Lighting System

Ingenious solutions. Charging options from the adorne Collection deliver convenience that’s simply beautiful. Combining a unique square form factor and an awe-inspiring array of available Wall Plates, adorne USB Outlets add a wow factor tailored to your tastes and needs. Plus, with charging modules for the Under-Cabinet Lighting and Power System, staying connected gets a lift for accessible charging that truly saves space.

Shown: (2) ARUSBW4

Shown: ARTRUSB153M4

A step above ordinary.

The radiant Collection of designer switches and outlets includes a broad selection of high-performance options for in-wall USB charging, available in classic colors and metallic finishes for a sleek, sophisticated look. With models equipped with industry-leading features, from ultra-fast speeds to weather-resistant designs, the radiant Collection lets you put stylish charging easily within reach.

Shown: P&S TM8USB4WCC6

Shown: P&S TM826USBWCC6

the radiant® collection


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