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Legrand Screwless Wall Plates: Match Decor Seamlessly

Legrand screwless wall plates redefine ordinary standards with their modern low profiles that seamlessly blend into any space. Engineered to fit flush against the wall, they boast a design that surpasses standard wall plates, offering a sleek aesthetic ideal for a range of applications, including residential, multi-dwelling, commercial office, and hospitality settings. These wall plates are a testament to both style and functionality, making them the perfect choice for any modern space.

P&S Screwless Wall Plates: Wall-to-Wall Style

P&S Screwless Wall Plates add a distinctive accent to any decor. Not only do they offer a wide variety of finishes; they hide the fasteners that attach them to the wall for a stylishly seamless look. For Decorator, toggle, and duplex openings there are rich colors to choose from. The Decorator opening plates offer a full choice of decorative finishes like stainless steel to match kitchen appliances, rich woods like walnut and maple to go with furniture, floors, and cabinets, all available up to a four-gang. Installation is seamless, simply loosen the mounting screws and click the subplate into place. This provides a tight, snug fit against the wall with no edge or channel to collect dust and dirt.

  • Unbreakable, flexible polycarbonate construction - conform to uneven drywall.

  • A full range of sleek, smooth looks that hide the screws and highlight the style.

  • Two-piece, non-conductive polycarbonate subplate speeds installation.

  • Automatic alignment pins ensure wall plates fit perfectly.

  • Smooth perimeter eliminates channel that can catch dirt.

 Features and Benefits of the Radiant® Collection

Part of the redesigned radiant® collection of wiring devices and home automation controls, Legrand's broad offering of screwless wall plates are a step above ordinary with modern low profiles that fit more flush to

the wall than standard wall plates. These wall plates color-match radiant® devices and are equipped with one-piece plastic subplates and screws to align devices and ensure proper positioning. Ideal for residential, multi-dwelling, commercial office and hospitality application, radiant® screwless wall plates are available

in one-to-six gang configurations, each in six standard colors and two metallic finishes.

  • Redesigned screwless wall plates feature a lower, more modern profile in keeping with today's design trends.

  • Molded of rugged .065" thick polycarbonate. 

  • One-piece plastic subplate mounts over easy retrofit and lower profile.

  • An extra 3/8" width and height than standard size wall plates for more tolerance in covering ragged sheet rock openings.

  • Opening accommodates all NEMA 26-opening devices. 

  • Subplate screws align devices to ensure proper positioning of wall plates.

The Beautiful Switch: The Adorne® Collection

Turn on ingenuity, convenience and great looks with an array of awe-inspiring lighting controls. Whether you choose to switch, tap, touch or wave, brighten or dim, illuminate a space with style.

Power and charging to fit your life and style. Choose from innovative outlets that were designed with modern convenience in mind and explore options to customize color and size.

Light scheduling: use an app to monitor energy usage and create lighting scenes that perfectly fit needs. Life can be sweeter (and smarter).


  • Helps fight the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria through the invisible and continuous product protection of Microban® antimicrobial technology.

  • Includes one Wall Plate and one Steel Frame for mounting the wall plate

  • A perfect finishing touch for any space, adding a sleek and contemporary aesthetic through its screwless design and low-profile.

  • Made to exclusively fit the designer switches, dimmers and outlets from the adorne® Collection, snapping into place with ease.

  • Other Wall Plates from the adorne® Collection are available in extensive range of on-trend colors, materials and cast metals.

  • Coordinate with other designer switches and outlets throughout your home for a cohesive, contemporary look.

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to support Legrand as they provide a wide array of wall plates that are the perfect finishing touch to each unique space. These wall plates are both functional and fashionable, available in a variety of configurations and finishes, making them ideal for residential, commercial, and hospitality applications. Designed for ease of installation, their unbreakable polycarbonate construction ensures durability while conforming to uneven drywall. With automatic alignment pins and a smooth perimeter that eliminates dust-collecting channels, these wall plates provide a seamless, polished look for any room.


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