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Leviton Decora Smart - Make Every Home A Smart Home

In the age of smart homes, Leviton, a household name in electrical solutions, has harnessed technology to create the Decora Smart® Wi-Fi product line. This comprehensive collection offers a diverse range of connected lighting and load control devices, making it accessible to homes, both old and new. From dimmers and switches to smart plugs, fan controllers, outlets, motion sensors, and solutions tailored for homes without neutral wiring, Leviton provides a smart solution for all your lighting and load control needs.

No matter how you envision your smart home, Leviton's Decora Smart Wi-Fi ecosystem caters to your desires. It lets you start small, perhaps by automating your porch light, ensuring you never return to a dark house. Alternatively, you can dive into a more extensive transformation, illuminating entire rooms or even your entire home with smart technology. The adaptability of the Decora Smart Wi-Fi system allows you to expand your smart home at your own pace.

A Solution for Every Space

The Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi product line boasts a variety of devices to elevate your smart home experience:

  1. Dimmers and Switches: Achieve fine-tuned lighting control in every room.

  2. Smart Plugs: Seamlessly manage plugged-in devices for added convenience.

  3. Fan Controllers: Take control of your fan's speed for the perfect ambiance.

  4. Outlets: Upgrade your standard outlets to make them smarter and more efficient.

  5. Motion Sensors: Enable automated lighting triggered by motion detection.

  6. Options for Homes without Neutral Wiring: Even if your home lacks neutral wiring, Leviton's smart solutions can still cater to your needs.

Seamless Integration with Leading Smart Products and Voice Assistants

The Decora Smart Wi-Fi product line easily connects to your favorite smart products, services, and voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. This broad compatibility ensures that you can manage your entire home, customize lighting settings, capture room scenes, and enjoy the convenience of remote control for your devices and activities.

The My Leviton App: Your Home in Your Hand

With the My Leviton app, you have a powerful tool to control your smart home with ease. This app allows you to:

  • Control lights, fans, and plug loads from anywhere.

  • Brighten a single light or illuminate an entire room with a simple tap.

  • Set schedules to automatically turn lights on and off throughout the day.

  • Create and manage activities like "Movie Time" or "Game Night" for quick and easy adjustments.

  • Use your voice, the app, or a Scene Controller Switch to control devices and lighting scenes.

Custom Lighting with Best-in-Class Dimming Options

Leviton's Decora Smart Wi-Fi dimmers offer a superior dimming experience for both newer and older homes:

  • Full-range dimming performance with custom settings available through the My Leviton app. Adjust preset lighting levels, fade rates, bulb types, and more to suit your preferences.

  • Lighting schedules based on specific times or sunrise/sunset, with a vacation mode that randomizes lighting for a lived-in look when you're away from home.

Motion Controlled Lighting

The Motion Sensing Dimmer automatically turns connected lights on and off based on motion. At night, lights can be set to come on at a lower level, such as in a kitchen, or you can use the built-in Guide Light feature to provide soft illumination in the dark, perfect for bathrooms and walk-in closets.

• Motion control features are easily configured through the My Leviton app with no complex programming

• Full range dimming performance with custom settings for preset light levels, fade rates, and bulb types

• Supports both Occupancy and Vacancy modes of operation

• Use Room Occupancy Response to turn ON/OFF multiple Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices in a room based on motion

• Motion Snooze temporarily pauses motion detection for a selected amount of time

• Built-in ambient light sensing can prevent lights from turning on if there is already enough sunlight in the room

Scenes and Activities for One-Touch Control

With Leviton's Decora Smart Wi-Fi Scene Controller Switch, you can create the perfect atmosphere with a single touch. Some noteworthy features include:

  • Replacing existing switches to add three scene control buttons and a built-in smart switch for connected lights.

  • Crafting scenes and activities to control Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices, such as "Dinner Time," "Movie Time," "All Off," "Kitchen Light," and more. Simple app configuration enables customization of button functions.

  • Compatibility with Apple Home Hub for controlling HomeKit scenes and accessories.

  • Integration with IFTTT for expanded automation using third-party services.

  • Personalized engraved buttons available in all six color options through the My Leviton app (U.S. only).

Dimmer and Switch Companions: Control Where You Need It

Leviton's Dimmer and Switch Companions are designed for use in 3-way or multi-way applications, such as controlling lights from multiple locations, like the top and bottom of a staircase, a long hallway, or areas with multiple entrances. These wired and wire-free options offer:

  • Pairing with a primary Decora Smart device, such as a switch, dimmer, or fan speed controller, to achieve multi-location control.

  • Installation without the need for an app, ensuring simplicity and ease of use.

  • Compatibility with existing 3-way wiring for wired companions and versatile placement for wire-free companions.

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to support Leviton in their commitment to innovation, compatibility, and customization. The Decora Smart Wi-Fi product line an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their smart home experience, whether you're just starting your smart home journey or expanding an existing system, Leviton's versatile product offerings have you covered. Transform your home into a hub of convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency with Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi.


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