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Leviton's Industrial Devices Enhanced by Inform Technology

The ability to monitor and gather insights into the health and performance of industrial devices is crucial for ensuring efficiency, safety, and productivity. Enter Leviton, a trusted name in industrial devices, and their innovative integration of Inform technology. Explore how their Inform technology is changing the game in the industrial sector.

The Power of Real-Time Data

Leviton's commitment to excellence is evident in their approach to industrial devices. By embedding sensors into their devices, they've unlocked the power of real-time data. These sensors continuously monitor the health and status of the devices, providing valuable insights that were previously inaccessible.

Key Features of Leviton's Industrial Devices with Inform Technology:

  • Remote Monitoring: Regardless of your location—be it across the facility, at home, or anywhere in between—remote monitoring is your window into the operation conditions of Leviton's industrial devices, 24/7. You can access this data through the Inform app or existing software systems, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience.

  • Real-Time Disturbance Identification: One of the most significant advantages of remote monitoring is the ability to identify disturbances in real time that may impact machine performance. This proactive approach minimizes unplanned downtime by monitoring critical factors such as individual line- and load-side voltage values, ground continuity, liquid accumulation due to improper installation or condensation, enclosure temperature, enclosure humidity, welded contacts, and more.

Enhancing Troubleshooting and Safety

Leviton's devices with Inform technology empower users with the knowledge of what's happening inside their devices, all without the need to open them up. This enhanced understanding translates into improved troubleshooting, faster response times, enhanced safety protocols, and increased overall productivity.

Liquid Accumulation Monitoring

As an example of the capabilities offered by Inform technology, consider the monitoring of liquid accumulation in industrial switches. With this technology, Leviton devices can detect liquid accumulation due to improper installation or condensation. This proactive approach can prevent potential hazards, ensuring a safer working environment.

Local Monitoring for Quick Insights

In addition to remote monitoring, Leviton's devices with Inform technology also support local monitoring. This feature enables users to quickly and safely identify the status of devices in their immediate vicinity. Common applications for local monitoring include industries such as food and beverage processing, industrial/manufacturing, and temporary power supply.

Designed for Any Environment

Leviton's commitment to quality extends to the durability and resilience of their industrial devices. These devices are built to withstand even the harshest and wettest environments, boasting the highest and most comprehensive ratings on the market, including IP66, IP67, IP68, and IP69K.

  • IP68: Withstands long-term submersion, making it suitable for environments with liquid exposure.

  • IP69K: Designed to withstand high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns, ensuring reliability in demanding conditions.

  • NSF Certified: Leviton's devices meet sanitary design standards, making them trusted choices for food and beverage environments.

Leviton's industrial devices enhanced by Inform technology, brought to you by Power-Flo Technologies, represent a significant step forward in the world of industrial automation. By providing real-time data, remote monitoring, and enhanced safety features, Leviton empowers industries to operate efficiently and securely. With the ability to understand device status and performance without the need for physical inspection, troubleshooting becomes more accessible, response times are faster, safety is improved, and productivity soars. Leviton is not just a name; it's a reliable partner in industrial progress, and Power-Flo Technologies is your trusted source for this cutting-edge technology.


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