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Linmot - New p04 Linear Motor

LinMot’s New P04-37x120F/135-HP-R Linear Motor

Replacing pneumatics just got easier!

Direct linear motor technology from LinMot

  • Stator and slider fully encapsulated

  • Designed for roughest environment

  • Hardened rod capable to handle side load

  • Non-rotating rod

PS01-37x120F-HP motor based

  • Max velocity 3.9 m/s (154 in/s)

  • Peak Force 255 N (57 lbf)

  • Stroke 135 mm (5.3 in)

  • Single cable for power and sensors

Mounting and Accessories

  • According to ISO pneumatic cylinder

  • Ø 16 mm rod with M10x1.25 thread

  • Additional T-slots


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