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Make Difficult Installations Easier With Southwire MachineFlex Power Cable

The installation of power cables in tight spaces or applications with multiple bends has long been a challenging task, one that can lead to physical stress on the cable itself, the equipment involved, and the installers. Standard cables often lack the necessary flexibility and lubricity for smooth installation, forcing installers to resort to improvisation that can damage the cable's insulation or even necessitate a complete rewiring job. Additionally, this strenuous installation process can lead to installer fatigue and increased risks of on-site accidents, ultimately hampering productivity. However, Southwire Company's MachineFLEX™ Power Cable is here to address these issues and revolutionize power cable installation.

The Problem: Complex Cable Installations

Installing and terminating power cables in confined spaces or applications requiring multiple bends has long been a formidable challenge in the field. Standard cables often lack the flexibility required for bending or the natural lubricity necessary for smooth pulling through conduits and trays. This frequently forces installers to resort to makeshift tools or methods, resulting in insulation damage and, in the worst-case scenario, scrapping the entire wiring installation. This demanding and often repetitive installation process also poses increased physical stress on the installer, leading to fatigue and an elevated risk of accidents during the installation.

The Solution: Machine Flex Power Cable

Southwire Company's MachineFLEX™ Power Cable, available in T90 or RW90 ratings, has been meticulously engineered to simplify the challenges of complex installations. This innovative power cable combines the insulation qualities of T90 with the flexibility of fine-stranded copper conductors, offering a range of significant benefits. First, it enhances efficiency, streamlining the installation process and boosting productivity across various industrial manufacturing applications, even in tight spaces like motor terminal boxes, generator connection boxes, transfer switches, and UPS equipment. Furthermore, MachineFLEX™ Power Cable is well-suited for use in prefabricated switchgear lineup interconnection power wiring and offers flexibility for various connection types, including UPS batteries. Its high reliability also makes it a suitable choice for critical power UPS equipment, ensuring dependable performance in demanding conditions.


MachineFLEX™ Power Cable boasts a range of remarkable features tailored to address the complexities of demanding installations. Its fine, flexible stranded copper conductors offer both the agility required for installation in tight spaces and the durability to withstand rigorous handling. The option for tinned copper conductors provides an added layer of flexibility. Moreover, MachineFLEX™ exhibits wide compatibility, making it suitable for applications where T90 and RW90 cables are accepted. Its impressive temperature tolerance allows for continuous operation in wet and dry conditions, with the capability to handle temperatures ranging from 90°C for normal operation to 130°C for emergency overload and 105°C for short-circuit conditions. For added safety and reliability, larger cables (1/0AWG & above) meet CSA Tray Rated FT4 standards, ensuring their suitability for tray installations. This versatile cable offers RW90 XLPE construction for both tray and conduit applications while T90 is tailored for conduit-only scenarios, providing adaptability for a wide range of wiring needs.


Investing in MachineFLEX™ Power Cable yields numerous tangible advantages for both installers and end-users. Notably, its remarkable flexibility allows for easy navigation through bends and tight spaces while retaining its form, simplifying the cable's handling and installation process. Termination in confined areas becomes effortless with MachineFLEX™, ensuring secure connections. The cable's innate lubricity further eases the installation process by facilitating smoother pulls, minimizing the risk of damage compared to rubber-insulated cables. Most importantly, the ease of installation reduces stress on installers, ultimately promoting a safer work environment and minimizing fatigue, thereby enhancing overall productivity and safety on the job site.

What Does This Mean for You?

Power-Flo Technologies is a proud provider of MachineFLEX™ Power Cable from Southwire Company, a groundbreaking solution for complex cable installations. This innovative cable is redefining the cable installation experience, offering enhanced flexibility, simplified termination, natural lubricity, and reduced installer stress. In the realm of challenging power cable installations, it stands as the ultimate solution, empowering installers and ensuring steadfast connections in demanding applications. Elevate your installations by embracing MachineFLEX™ Power Cable and witness the remarkable improvements in efficiency and safety it brings to your projects.


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