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Mastering your Knowledge of Cobots with Universal Robots' Training Courses

Last week I had the pleasure of completing Universal Robots’ (UR) Advanced and Industrial Communications Training Classes.

The Advanced training teaches you how to utilize all the commands under the Polyscope software – including, but not limited to, utilizing URScript. Being able to use URScript allows access to functions and commands not available through the Polyscope User Interface.

The Industrial Communications training teaches you how to be able to communicate, receive and send data to 3rd party devices such as PLCs, HMI and Vision systems. With this knowledge, you can enable applications that account for even more environmental variables through enhanced machine communication. During the training I learned numerous techniques that will help me in the field for current and future projects to come.

Although this was not discussed in any class, I did leave with one valuable bit of information that I will pass down to anyone reading this: UR Training courses, in-class and online, are incredible.

I started working with Axis NJ approximately six months ago. Before then, I had never even heard of Universal Robots or collaborative robots (cobots) – I studied physics in college and had worked with robotics infrequently during my academic career. Based on my prior knowledge, I thought that many years of schooling were required in order to understand complex programming languages to get cobots operational. Although that is certainly the case for many industrial type robots, UR is an exception.

UR’s courses are very comprehensive. They make sure all the necessary details to get your cobot working as soon as possible are explained clearly and thoroughly. I highly recommend those who are looking into cobot technology to take the online courses available at They are 100% free and do not take much time to complete.

If you’d like to learn even more, Axis NJ hosts a monthly free event, Cobot Demo Day, where you can come in to either our Long Island, NY or Somerville, NJ location and get one-on-one experience with our Applications Engineers! Also, stay tuned, because we have some exciting things on the horizon with Universal Robots!


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