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New Logo! Power supply devices for up to 100 watts in ultra-narrow design

With the 4th generation of Logo!Power, Siemens has extended its power supply portfolio to include two additional power supply devices as well as additional functionalities and new scope for application. This series of compact devices now comes with a narrower width reduced by 18 millimeters, allowing more flexible mounting, for instance on DIN rails in distribution boards, or directly on walls or ceilings. They can be mounted gaplessly side-by-side with other devices, for instance to supply power to adjacent Logo! logic modules. With efficiency of up to 90 percent over the entire load range, and no-load losses of less than 0.3 watts (W), these power supply devices offer outstanding energy efficiency both in standby and running operation.

The integrated current monitor provides a new level of convenience during commissioning and servicing. The current output is read out in real-time as a voltage value using a measuring point. Simple measurement using a voltmeter means that the disconnection of cables by the user for conventional current measurement is no longer required, and the system continues to be supplied with direct voltage without interruption. Users also benefit from a new downward extended operating temperature range of -25° to +70° Celsius, and scope for worldwide application with a wide range of certifications.

The innovated Logo!Power series with its housing widths of 18 to 72 millimeters is the compact successor to the previous 3rd generation. The new variants with 24 V/0.6 A and 12 V/0.9 A extend the portfolio for very small outputs and come in a width of just one 18 mm pitch. A total of eleven devices with regulated and adjustable output voltages of five, 12, 15 and 24 volts (V) supply an output of up to 100 W. Their wide-range input allows these power supply devices to be operated at all single-phase supply networks with 110 to 240 V AC nominal voltage and even at direct voltage networks with 110 to 300 V DC without the need to switch over. For capacitive loads on power supply start-up, a power reserve of 150 percent is available, and the constant current behavior compensates for overloads during operation. A diagnostic LED signal "DC O.K." indicates the status of the power supply device. Fields of application for Logo!Power in industrial automation include simple packaging machines, garbage presses, conveyor belts, sorting systems, infeed units and sterilizers. In the field of building technology, the power supply devices can be used for lighting controls, such as panic circuits, central and random circuits, heating control system extensions, door and gate controls, and access restriction. Logo!Power devices are also found in pumping stations, special-purpose vehicles, saunas, swimming pools and automatic livestock feeding devices.

Siemens Process Industries and Drives helps its customers increase productivity, safety, reliability, efficiency and time-to-market for plants and processes with innovative, integrated technology across the entire lifecycle.


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