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Pizzato P-Connect: Streamlining Safety Device Integration

When it comes to industrial safety, seamless connectivity and efficient data exchange are paramount. Enter the Pizzato P-Connect connection gateway—a cutting-edge system designed to revolutionize the integration of safety devices.

P-Connect Connection Gateway: Bridging Safety Devices with Precision

The P-Connect connection gateway is a sophisticated system that facilitates the connection of up to six (6) devices to a data network, ensuring the seamless exchange of safety information. What sets it apart is its ability to transmit signals from two NG or NS series RFID safety switches with locks, all while adhering to the strict PROFIsafe standards.

Versatility at Its Core

At Power-Flo Technologies, we understand that industrial environments demand flexibility. The P-Connect gateway seamlessly connects to a range of devices from the Pizzato Elettrica catalogue. This includes the BN series modular control device units and AN series handles, which come equipped with integrated signaling LEDs.

Safety First: Positioning in Safe Areas

Safety is paramount in industrial settings, and the P-Connect connection gateway aligns with this principle. It can be strategically positioned in safe areas, away from the connected devices, mitigating the risk of accidental damage or tampering.

Tailored Configurations for Every Application

The P-Connect connection gateway is available in various configurations, each designed to cater to specific application needs. Depending on the configuration, it comes with a variety of connectors to ensure seamless integration with the devices to be monitored.

Simplified Diagnostics

Efficiency is the name of the game, and the P-Connect connection gateway brings it home with three integrated signaling LEDs. These LEDs provide quick diagnostic insights, including:

  • System Status LED: A multicolored signaling LED that conveys device operating states, warnings, errors, and more through different colors and lighting patterns.

  • Network Status LED: Monitors the state of the connected Ethernet network.

  • Module Status LED: Signals diagnostic events, providing valuable information for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Seamless Connection to PROFINET/PROFIsafe Networks

The P-Connect connection gateway is tailor-made for integrating safety devices into PROFINET and PROFIsafe networks. It excels at converting communication protocols used by safety devices into PROFINET-compatible formats, ensuring seamless integration into the industrial network. The PROFIsafe function adds an extra layer of safety when transmitting critical safety data between devices and the control system.

Series Connection for Streamlined Maintenance

Efficiency is further amplified through series connection capabilities. P-Connect connection gateways come with two connectors—one for electrical power and the other for connecting to the fieldbus network. This allows multiple P-Connect gateways to be effortlessly connected in series, significantly reducing installation, uninstallation, and component replacement times during maintenance.

Plug & Play: Saving Time and Resources

Last but not least, the P-Connect connection gateway shines as a Plug & Play solution. With connectors on both the power side and the device side, it slashes installation time compared to traditional wired solutions that must be intricately integrated into a cabinet. Furthermore, quick replacements are possible in the event of malfunctions or damage.

Power-Flo Technologies empowers your industrial safety with the Pizzato P-Connect connection gateway. Its adaptability, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to safety standards make it an invaluable asset for any industrial setting. Elevate your safety systems with P-Connect and embark on a journey of enhanced connectivity and simplified safety device integration, all with the support and expertise of Power-Flo Technologies by your side.


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