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Protection Where It Matters Most - Legrand STERIGUARD™ Wiring Solutions

Antimicrobial Preservation Protection That Goes Well Beyond The Surface

Maintaining cleanliness in fast-paced, highly regulated environment such as food and beverage processing plants can be a daunting task. That’s partly because mandatory safety protocols, such as chemical washdowns, are simply not enough to guarantee reliable, long-lasting antimicrobial protection for a facility’s electrical devices and equipment. As a result, a plant may be harboring molds and bacteria that can cause degradation. One way to reduce this risk is by installing antimicrobial watertight wiring devices

Why Need Antimicrobial Preservation Protection?

While many facilities simply apply antimicrobial protection to the surface of their electrical cords and components, the use of antimicrobial preservative protection devices feature antimicrobial preservative additives embedded directly into the polymer components. The additives are gradually and continuously released to the surface, inhibiting the growth of microorganisms that can cause degradation of the components and providing long-lasting protection to preserve the integrity of the product.

The Science of Safety

Antimicrobial preservative protection essentially requires that the growth of bacteria, molds, mildews and fungi on treated articles and components is inhibited, thus making the surface area undesirable for microbial population. When microorganisms that can cause degradation appear on the surface of a protected wiring device, antimicrobial preservative additives make contact with them and disrupt the microorganisms' attempt to live and multiply

Protecting Your Facility & Your Wallet

  • Legrand’s SteriGuard Antimicrobial Preservative Protection have lower maintenance costs, while reducing and helping to counter the cost of what could happen if there was a shutdown in a facility

  • SteriGuard is a cost-effective, adaptive option that offers customers the highest level of safety from hazardous bacteria

  • Features: impact-, heat-, and weather-resistant as well as rated for NEMA 4, 4X, 6, 6P applications.

The STERIGUARD™ Difference

  • SteriGuard Devices feature antimicrobial preservative protection additives embedded into all polymer components, ensuring that microbial growth is suppressed throughout the device

  • antimicrobial preservative protection additives are embedded in the cable’s outer jacket for similar protection. When microorganisms appear on any of the surfaces of the wiring device or cable, antimicrobial compounds make contact with them and disrupt the microorganisms’ attempts to live and multiply.

  • This ability to inhibit growth will continue indefinitely, because the antimicrobial performance is not a surface phenomenon but rather embedded throughout the wiring device.

Antimicrobial Additive Applications

  • HVAC SYSTEMS - Manufacturing facilities are using antimicrobial-coated coil steel in the HVAC units

  • CONVEYER BELTS - Conveyor and processing belts are often in direct contact with food and therefore are a critical element in the food processing chain. Due to this, conveyer belts are available with antimicrobial additives embedded into them

  • ANTIMICROBIAL COATINGS - Antimicrobial coatings can be applied to many areas of the facility including wall coverings, floors, wiring accessories, radiators, worktops, and ceiling systems

  • ANTIMICROBIAL TUBING - Typical applications include food and beverage dispensing, water purification, chemical transfer and dairy processing

Power-Flo Technologies Commitment to Safety

In highly-regulated environments, safety is at the upmost concern. Power-Flo Technologies takes pride in supplying the industries most secure electrical devices. We have been supplying facilities with the safety they need for decades. With Legrand STERIGUARD™ Wiring Solutions, Power-Flo Technologies is providing piece of mind where it is needed most. To learn how to explore our wide array of Antimicrobial devices visit


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