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9 SKUs in one EZPAN!

Selectable output and color in the

field makes EZPAN even easier!

  • Field-adjustable light output (3 discrete steps)

  • White tunable (3 discrete color temperatures)

  • Can be changed before, during or after

  • installation

  • Battery backup option offered

  • Available with Lightcloud® Controller

  • 75,000-Hour LED lifespan

What you need, where you need it.

The EZPAN FA is ideal for use in healthcare facilities, office spaces and classrooms, where lighting preferences vary from space to space.

Supply and demand

3 SKUs (1x4, 2x2, 2x4) now do the work of 27. Both lumen output and color temperature are adjustable after purchase.

Ultra-efficient performance

With an efficacy of up to 124 lm/W, EZPAN FA outperforms Standard DLC requirements for LED panels.

Stay in control For finer light level control, 0-10V dimming can be used.

The power is in your hands. 1x4 and 2x2 models can be set to 25, 30 or 40W, and 2x4 models can be set to 30, 40 or 50W. All form factors have selectable CCT of 3500, 4000, or 5000K.

It’s OK to be shallow. With a height just under 2” the EZPAN FA is an ideal solution for shallow plenums.

Maximized versatility.

Three EZPAN FA mounting kits cover all application needs: surface, pendant and recessed mounting.

Installs are a cinch.

An NEC- compliant junction box with flying leads makes wiring as simple as twisting a few wire nuts, and integral T-bar clips secure EZPAN FA to standard T-bar systems.

Easy on the eyes.

Frosted polystyrene lens delivers even and diffuse ambient illumination that’s ideal for spaces where glare-free lighting is essential.

Available with Lightcloud® controls. Lightcloud is a commercial wireless lighting control system and service, fully developed and supported by RAB.

  • Use your mobile device, tablet or computerfor switching and dimming of individualfixtures or entire areas

  • Complimentary rebate assistance andlighting design services

  • Programmable schedules let you illuminatezones, automatically adjusting for sunrise andsunset times

  • Save up to 68% on energy costs from lighting


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