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Modular design, forward-thinking engineering, and seamless integration make it easier than ever before for manufacturers to unify each step of the industrial automation process, from planning to production.

Emphasis on Automation:

The integrated planning, production, modification, and deployment of critical plant infrastructure such as enclosures, climate control, and IT racks creates the need for a more visible production cycle to identify redundancies, streamline workflows, and reduce energy consumption and production costs.

Leveraging Industry 4.0:

IoT-enabled devices create a smart production facility where decisions are made in a proactive as opposed to a reactive manner for greater flexibility and agility, readying companies for shifts in demand or production variables. The end goal is to optimize efficiency for higher profitability.

Modification Center Network:

With modification centers and warehouses in Sparks, NV; Houston, TX; and Urbana, OH, operators from coast to coast have access to Rittal Automation Systems Perforex machines that perform precise and cost-effective cuts, holes, drilling, and other panel modifications, as well as our large distribution network for quick delivery, regardless of your location.

U.S. - Made, Globally Deployed:

Behind our state-of-the-art U.S. manufacturing facilities is a global company with offices in more than 70 countries and production capabilities on 4 continents, giving Rittal’s U.S. customers a true advantage over the competition and a reliable partner that can meet their needs — whenever and wherever their business might take them.

Rittal & EPLAN:

Rittal’s modular enclosures and Rittal Automation Systems machines coupled with EPLAN’s powerful design software and database-driven engineering offers holistic automation for panel building and switchgear manufacturing. Through one integrated value chain of engineering, sourcing, manufacturing, and operations, we provide an end-to-end streamlined solution that helps to reduce costs, shorten processing times, and increase productivity. It starts with EPLAN providing a single source for electrical engineering. Then, sourcing the ideal Rittal enclosures and accessories for your application. Next is manufacturing. There is a seamless export from EPLAN to feed the automated modification of enclosures and mounting panels to Rittal Automation Systems machines for: machining, assembly, wire processing, and wiring. Automating the engineering, sourcing and manufacturing processes reduces manual interventions and the chance for errors as well as increases productivity. And finally, operations allow data access from one single source as well as provide service and maintenance of enclosures.


Rittal’s industrial enclosure, climate control, and IT infrastructure solutions are designed and engineered to meet the toughest industrial challenges. Industry 4.0 and IoT integrations make Rittal’s products the smartest, most efficient choice for deployment across industries.

Automotive Industry: Today’s variant-rich automotive production lines require adaptability. Rittal’s modular enclosure design, flexibility with cooling unit mounting, and innovative IT cabinets provide the customization necessary to facilitate standardized, efficient production sequences across multiple plants or sites. UL 508A Certified flange mount disconnect enclosures, such as the TS 8, help to ensure arc flash safety and security with one simple switch as doors cannot be opened while the system is energized.

Food & Beverage: Rittal’s hygienic design

enclosures and climate control solutions are

engineered specifically for use in the food

and beverage industry and are designed to

stand up to aggressive sanitation protocols

to help ensure production equipment is

clean at the microbiological level.

Oil & Gas: Not only do Rittal enclosures stand up against the harshest environmental conditions, but our state-of-the-art infrastructure and digitalization solutions pay dividends throughout the supply chain upstream, midstream, and downstream – from extraction and transportation all the way through to processing.

Colocation: Colocation providers face high demands on several fronts: adaptable racks, reliable power supplies, climate control, network connections, and monitoring. They rely on Rittal’s IT solutions to maximize availability and help ensure optimum security levels while maintaining flexibility and meeting all relevant global standards.

Retail & Logistics: In a highly automated industry with a wealth of environmental and installation variables, Rittal’s enclosures, climate control, IT infrastructure, and industrial automation solutions are engineered to protect the sensitive hardware necessary to facilitate speed, efficiency, and transparency.


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