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Rittal TS IT Pro: The Future-Ready Solution for Your Data Center Needs

Technology evolves rapidly, and your infrastructure must keep pace with both current demands and the unforeseen challenges of tomorrow. That's where Rittal's TS IT Pro comes into play, offering a comprehensive solution that caters to your immediate IT needs while seamlessly accommodating future requirements.

Experience and Customer-Centric Approach

With over fifty years of experience, Rittal is a globally recognized leader in enclosure and rack systems. The TS IT Pro reflects the culmination of this extensive knowledge and ongoing feedback from valued customers. These rack systems are not just products; they are engineered solutions that prioritize proper airflow and efficient cable management, simplifying and expediting deployments.

Customization with Xpress Configure to Order

Through the Xpress Configure to Order program, you gain the power to tailor your TS IT Pro solution to your precise application requirements. This means shipping complete solutions with pre-installed accessories, eliminating the hassle of dealing with loose components on-site.

RiMatrix NG Integration: A Comprehensive Data Center Solution

Rittal's RiMatrix Next Generation (NG) takes integration to the next level by combining power, cooling, rack management, and security into a seamless package. This modular architecture empowers you to select standardized components, crafting flexible data center solutions that are primed for immediate deployment and operation.

Power Distribution Tailored to Your Needs

Rittal offers a wide spectrum of power distribution systems, from basic to managed solutions. These systems are straightforward to install and can seamlessly integrate into the zero-U-space, ensuring efficient power management.

Efficient Cooling Solutions

To maintain the ideal operating temperature for your IT equipment, Rittal provides various cooling concepts, including room, row, or rack air conditioning, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Comprehensive Monitoring with CMC

The Computer Multi Control (CMC) system enables you to monitor all essential infrastructure parameters through a user-friendly web-based interface. You can even transmit this data to IT dashboards or industrial control systems for comprehensive oversight.

Full-Scale Data Centers Made Simple

Rittal's TS IT Pro platform and accessories are modular and scalable, future-proofing your infrastructure. The modular design allows for tool-less installation and rapid deployment of rack PDUs, ensuring your setup can adapt to the next generation of IT components.

Flexibility and Innovation

The TS IT Pro is designed to meet a diverse range of customer requirements, including "ship-loadable" configurations for easy transportation. Innovative air conditioning solutions and intelligent airflow management enhance efficiency and ensure long-term, sustainable operation.

Effortless Ordering, Ready for Deployment

With one part number, you can order a TS IT Pro complete with a full feature set, including perforated single front and split rear doors, leveling feet, casters, roof with brush baffle cable access channels, and vertical cable walls with dual PDU mountings. It's a hassle-free solution that arrives ready for deployment.

Engineered for Harsh Environments

Rittal's TS IT Pro is built to excel in harsh environments where standard IT equipment would falter, ensuring your data center remains resilient and reliable.

Multi-Tenant Data Centers

The TS IT Pro simplifies specification and ordering, allowing for easy configuration with additional accessories installed at the factory. This standardization and consistency across various locations are backed by Rittal's global presence and supply chain continuity.

Flexibility and Future-Proofing

As server technology advances and density demands increase, cooling strategies continually evolve. The TS IT Pro is designed for seamless integration with supplemental row and rack-level cooling solutions, addressing specific requirements or hotspots without disrupting your existing environment or infrastructure.

Comprehensive Accessories

Rittal offers a wide range of security and access control, cable management, and airflow management accessories to create a robust and customized solution. The TS IT Pro's strength and rigidity enable dynamic load capabilities of up to 2,250 lbs, allowing fully integrated systems to ship ready for deployment.

In a world where adaptability and future-proofing are paramount in the data center industry, Rittal's TS IT Pro stands as a reliable and innovative solution. With its flexibility, scalability, and comprehensive feature set, it's poised to meet the ever-changing demands of the IT landscape, ensuring your data center remains at the forefront of technology. When you choose Rittal, you not only choose cutting-edge technology; you also opt for the expertise and reliability of a trusted supplier like Power-Flo Technologies.


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