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Siemens Desigo PXC Controller

Ready to Control

There is no efficient building automation without reliable control system. The new norms push towards modern buildings and enhanced energy efficiency. With Desigo PXC you provide future-proof pieces of technology to get optimal control of all facility operations. Reduced engineering time and secure remote connectivity allow you to focus on your expertise to build resilient HVAC control systems.

Today's buildings demand modern control systems

The digital transformation of buildings starts at the core of their automation system. The advanced technology of Desigo PXC controllers is based on four key pillars to optimize the operational performance.

Scalable Solutions

For use in small buildings or large complexes, standard or advanced applications - with the Desigo PXC family you get the optimal control, whether for central plant or room demands.

Smart Engineering

With the license-free Desigo Engineering Framework, you can intuitively engineer and commission a wide range of products leveraging the sophisticated applications and growing libraries.

Simple integration

Integrate different protocols with no need of additional hardware or software, in a consistent and harmonized workflow saving additional costs and efforts.

Secured connectivity

Securely connect intelligent devices with BACnet Secure Connect. Access the controllers via on-board WLAN and cloud remote access while meeting the highest security standards.

The Right Solution for Any Control Needs

Create tailored applications to maximize site energy efficiency with freely programmable HVAC and integration controllers, extension modules and an end-to-end engineering suite

Desigo PXC HVAC Controller

The PXC4 is for small or medium-sized buildings and provides significant improvements in operational performance. The PXC7 is the entry point to prepare large buildings for future IoT requirements, while offering optimal equipment control. Together with the PXC5, it is the most powerful BACnet Secure Connect hub on the market

Desigo PXC Integration Controller

The PXC5 lets you take advantage of strong integration capabilities of MS/TP and Modbus devices (up to 500 data points) and various system functionalities with a single controller

Desigo PX Compact Controller

Freely programmable compact controllers for HVAC and building services are the perfect match for small to medium-sized plants

Desigo PX Modular Controllers

The Desigo PX Modular Controllers are freely programmable modular controllers. The controller provides maximum scalability and ensures reliable operations

Desigo TX-I/O Modules

TX-I/O Modules for signaling, measuring, metering, switching and positioning can be seamlessly connected to controllers for ultimate flexibility

Desigo PX Open & TX Open

Scalable and simple integration of third-party devices with Desigo PX Open & TX Open ensures the highest degree of openness

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to support Siemens as they aim to digitize a wide range of sectors and industries while reducing carbon emissions. Their efforts increase efficiency and help to save companies resources by automating processes in new and innovative ways. Their Desigo PXC controllers are scalable, smart, simple, and secured and have the optimal control for any type of high performing buildings.


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