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Siemens Launches New Telecontrol and Power Grid Automation System

Siemens is launching a new telecontrol and power grid automation system on the market: the modular equipment series Sicam A8000. This combination of power supply, processor, and expansion modules can be employed in substations, in distribution network automation, for connecting renewable energy sources, for power supply applications in industry, or in railway power supply systems. The compact device CP-8000 comprises a power supply, a display with function keys, and binary inputs and outputs. New processor and power supply modules in conjunction with expansion modules enable scalable solutions for a wide range of different power requirements.

Analog input modules with four inputs are available, as are binary input modules with 16 inputs and binary output modules with eight outputs. There are analog input modules with three inputs for current and voltage and a current transformer adapter module with three current inputs. With a standard width of 30 millimeters, the modules can be mounted on a DIN rail in any sequence and are interconnected via a bus on the back side. The system automatically detects the individual modules during startup. Thanks to the different power levels of the processor modules and expansion modules, the system is almost infinitely scalable and expandable.

The telecontrol and grid automation system – which is based on international standards such as IEC 61850 – can also be operated in climatically adverse conditions thanks to its extended temperature range from -40° Celsius to +70° Celsius. In addition, the enhanced EMC stability with a voltage of up to five kV (IEC 60255) permits direct application in substations. An integrated crypto chip protects the data in a secure environment, IPSec encryption allows secure communication over IP networks, and an https protocol ensures the secure transmission of sensitive data.


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