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Siemens SIMOCODE pro V

Comprehensive protective, monitoring, and control functions

SIMOCODE pro is a flexible, modular motor management system for motors with constant speeds in the low-voltage performance range. It optimizes the connection between I&C and motor feeder, increases plant availability and allows significant savings to be made for startup, operation, and preventive maintenance of a system.

Key Features
  • Multifunctional, electronic full motor protection that is independent of the automation system

  • Integrated control functions instead of hardware for the motor control

  • Detailed operating, service, and diagnostics data

  • Open communication via PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET/OPC UA, Modbus RTU or EtherNet/IP

  • Safety relay function for the fail-safe disconnection of motors up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508, IEC 62061 or PL e according to ISO 13849-1

  • Device versions with protective coating on printed circuit board


System redundancy enables communication with redundant control systems via PROFINET or PROFIBUS and offers maximum system availability. Media redundancy makes it possible to implement ring topologies with PROFINET in order to maintain communication via a second port, even in the event of a network interruption.

By monitoring all electrical variables, irregularities in operating behavior can be detected early when warning limits are exceeded. Combined with integrated thermistor motor protection, fully comprehensive, all-round motor protection is provided.

Thanks to open protocols such as OPC UA, SIMOCODE data can be used directly for cloud/edge applications or for visualizations.

The compact design of the SIMOCODE devices allows space-saving installation in the motor feeder. Thanks to the wide choice of expansion options, every customer application can be scaled to fit perfectly.

Benefits of the SIMOCODE pro V
  • Significantly reduces wiring between the motor and the PLC

  • Saves resources in the automation system and ensures full functionality and protection of the feeder

  • Increases plant availability as well as maintenance and service-friendliness

  • High degree of modularity allows users to perfectly implement plant-specific requirements for each motor feeder

  • Decreases the number of hardware components and wiring which limits stock-keeping costs and potential wiring errors

  • Better utilization of the motors and long-term stability of the tripping characteristic

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to support Siemens as they empower their customers to meet the great challenges of our time. Their businesses and local organizations enjoy the entrepreneurial freedom to serve their customers and markets in the best way possible with a structure geared towards delivering ultimate value for their customers. The SIMOCODE pro V management system for motors is a great example of this. It is multifunctional, with integrated control functions, detailed operating, and open communications for a safe, transparent, and efficient system operation.


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