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Siemens SITOP PSU8600 The Power Supply System

The SITOP PSU8600 power supply system offers full integration into automation systems via PROFINET in Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), EtherNet/IP, or Industrial Ethernet with open communication in OPC UA. Operational data is recorded and can provide diagnostic and maintenance information. This makes SITOP PSU8600 an ideal entry point into the digital enterprise.

Strong performance in the smallest space

The high efficiency of the base units (up to 94 percent) ensures minimum heat loss, which means very compact structures can be used. Up to four outputs monitored for overload also save space for circuit-breaking devices. PROFINET/Industrial Ethernet communication (PN/IE) creates new opportunities for diagnostics and broadens the range of applications for your power supply – and now also in EtherNet/IP networks, thanks to the new SITOP PSU8600 4 x 10 A EIP 3-phase basic unit.

More outputs for more flexibility

The expansion modules can be used to expand the base units with up to 32 additional, selectively monitored outputs. Connect them to the top of the modules using the System Clip Link, a connector for system data and power supply, with no wiring overheads.

Bridging brief and longer power failures

Buffer modules with electrolytic capacitors that can buffer up to 600 ms at a load current of 40 A can be used to protect against brief power dips on the line side (brownouts). The versions with double-layer capacitors (UltraCaps) buffer against longer outages, up to 20 s at 40 A. Because the buffer time is longer for lower buffer currents, this allows devices like industrial PCs to be shut down manually as required.

Bridging longer power failures in the minute to hour range at full system power

A UPS module with the appropriate battery modules can be used to protect against longer power dips on the line side. This enables bridging of power failures in the minute to hour range. In the event of a power failure, these add-on modules let you power the plant down safely while maintaining control. For most interruptions to the power supply, the bridging time is long enough to enable the plant to continue running without disruption.

Benefits at a Glance

Quick and easy integration into automation

The SITOP PSU8600 power supply system can be seamlessly integrated into the TIA Portal, SIMATIC PCS 7, and WinCC. It can easily be implemented in the automation environment via two Industrial Ethernet/ PROFINET ports. And multi-vendor data exchange is also possible thanks to the OPC UA open communication interface. In addition to its operating and monitoring processes, the SITOP Manager engineering and diagnostic software can also be used for setting parameters. The new SITOP PSU8600 4 x 10 A EIP base unit now also allows for integration in Ethernet/ IP networks.

Extreme flexibility thanks to a varied functionality

The compact base unit of the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system provides one or four individually configurable outputs, which means up to four power supplies in one device. Each output can be flexibly set to 4–28 volts, including dynamically during operation and with selective monitoring for overcurrent.

Time savings with a modular system

The power supply system can be supplemented with various modules without additional wiring effort using the “System Clip Link” connection system, which makes it possible to add up to 36 outputs or protect against power outages. Both data and power are transferred.

High plant availability

The comprehensive diagnostic options offered by SITOP PSU8600 provide the basis for predictive maintenance. To prevent a short circuit or overload on a single consumer from causing an outage in the entire plant, all outputs are selectively monitored and individually switched off in the event of failure. Power interruptions lasting from seconds to hours can be bridged and plant downtimes prevented with the aid of suitable buffer and battery modules.

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to support Siemens as they aim to grow sustainably and transform everyday life. They are leaders in technology who combine the real and digital world. The SITOP PSU8600 power supply system offers seamless integration with other systems, simple integration, and allows for data exchange multiple vendors. The SITOP system ensures minimal heat loss and space-saving solutions, allowing for maximum flexibility and performance in any application.


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