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SIMOTION System Platform

SIMOTION is the Motion Control System from Siemens for applications with complex motion control. It enables the scalable handling of comprehensive motion functions, PLC, and technology functions in a Motion Control System on several hardware platforms and with a common engineering system. SIMOTION provides significantly more flexibility in machine planning and engineering which further optimizes the overall costs for machine development.

Proven performance for motion control in many


SIMOTION offers a broad portfolio of system hardware and software as well as engineering integrated throughout in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal). The drive-integrated SINAMICS safety functions are also available for safety concepts.


Engineering System:

The engineering system enables Motion Control, logic, and technology tasks to be solved in a single integrated system, and also provides all of the necessary tools, ranging from programming and parameter assignment to testing and commissioning to diagnostics.

Runtime Software Modules:

These modules provide the various Motion Control and technology functions. By choosing suitable modules, system functionality can be customized for a particular machine.

Hardware Platforms:

Hardware platforms complete the SIMOTION Motion Control System. The application that was developed using the engineering system and the associated runtime software modules can be used on different hardware platforms, enabling selection of the most suitable platform for the machine.

SIMOTION Hardware Platforms

SIMOTION offers two hardware platforms for the application: SIMOTION D for drive-based motion control, and SIMOTION C for PLC-based motion control. The hardware platforms always have the same system characteristics, but the hardware can be chosen based on which is best suited for the machine.


The scalable Runtime system ensures the right functionality for mechanical engineering tasks. The SCOUT Engineering System configures the SIMOTION project, and SCOUT TIA also allows full integration into the TIA Portal. In addition, SIMOTION allows for a modular technology object approach, object-oriented programming (OOP) and a modular programming model with Units.

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to support Siemens as they help their customers around the world to become more competitive, resilient, and sustainable. Siemens SIMOTION System Platform empowers applications with complex motion control needs, offering scalable solutions through a unified engineering system. This translates to enhanced flexibility in machine planning and engineering, ultimately optimizing overall costs for machine development.


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