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Take Control of Any Environment, With the RAB LC Phase Dimmer

Why Choose Dimmers?

Dimmers offer a multitude of benefits that enhance both the functionality and ambiance of a space. Firstly, they provide flexibility by allowing users to adjust the brightness of lighting fixtures to suit their specific needs and preferences, creating a customizable atmosphere for any occasion. Moreover, dimmers promote energy efficiency by enabling users to reduce the intensity of light when full brightness is unnecessary, resulting in potential energy savings and lower electricity bills. Additionally, they extend the lifespan of bulbs and fixtures by reducing wear and tear associated with abrupt power surges during switching. Dimmers also contribute to a more comfortable and relaxing environment, as they can create soft and subtle lighting, reducing glare and eye strain. Overall, dimmers are invaluable tools for achieving both aesthetic and practical advantages in lighting control.

Take control of any environment

The LC Phase Dimmer puts all the smarts of a lighting control system in spaces with decorative and retrofit fixtures without running new wiring. Maintain the perfect mood with gradual, subtle dimming, easily set schedules and scenes to encourage rest or activity, all while having the ability to disable the Dimmer when needed (Gateway required).

Dive into the possibilities

Dimming or Switching

Control the attached load, other Controllers, or dim everything together. Patented, intelligent, load- sensing technology that ensures flicker-free dimming. MLV/ELV dimming or switching up to 450W

Scene Control

Activate unlimited scenes in your system directly from your Phase Dimmer or other Lightcloud devices, such as a Dimmer or Touch.


Activate scenes at different times of the day. Timer functions, like automatically turning lights off 15 minutes after turning them on, are easily setup from the Lightcloud app

The most powerful lighting control system

Lightcloud is designed to be installed by any electrician and managed by anyone that can use a cellphone. It’s really that simple, but you’ll be amazed how powerful the system is. Control a single fixture or an entire site securel

Meet The LCDIMMER/PD/W Dimmer

The LCDIMMER/PD/W is a versatile in-wall device designed to simplify your lighting control needs. This product offers a seamless combination of switching, dimming, and scene control capabilities, making it an indispensable addition to any lighting system. Whether you need to switch or dim your local load, be it ELV or MLV, this device has you covered. With a choice of five elegant finishes, including White, Black, Ivory, Light Almond, and Gray, you can effortlessly match it to your decor. Its dimming features include both gradual fade on/off and rapid full-on, ensuring a comfortable lighting experience. Furthermore, you can assign scenes to the top and/or bottom buttons for quick and convenient control. To maximize energy efficiency, you can set the maximum trim level for a specific zone or fixture. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with other Lightcloud Controller or Sensor devices. If you require a plenum application, an option with a blank faceplate is also available. The LCDIMMER/PD/W is the ultimate solution for sophisticated and energy-efficient lighting control.

The Power-Flo Difference

When it comes to finding the perfect dimmers and appliances like the LCDIMMER/PD/W, Power-Flo Technologies stands out as your number one distributor. With a commitment to excellence and a vast range of innovative products, we consistently provide customers with cutting-edge solutions for lighting control needs. Power-Flo Technologies' dedication to quality, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction makes them the ideal choice for those seeking top-notch dimmers and related devices. Their partnership with leading brands ensures that you have access to the latest technologies and a wide variety of options to suit your specific requirements. Trust in Power-Flo Technologies as your go-to distributor, and experience the benefits of superior dimming and control solutions for your lighting needs.


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