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Tech Tailgating with Axis NJ and OnRobot

Recently, our team partnered with the minds at OnRobot to bring a week-long roadshow to demonstrate the benefits of collaborative tech in a COVID-safe manner! We packed up our gear and hit the road – driving from the heart of New Jersey to the tip of Long Island.

We had many stops in parking lots along the way; unlike typical demos where only a few people get to see, this was done out of our van and anyone in the company could come outside and look. Thankfully, for the most part the weather was great – but neither rain nor sleet nor hail would stop us from sharing the exciting modular platform that allows customers to easily swap between grippers when re-deploying a cobot! This means that an initial investment can grow and serve multiple functions with minimal change.

One of the most important take-homes from our conversations was that members of a company have different ideas for how to improve their processes, resulting in a wide range of applications. Having these open discussions with different perspectives is key to changing and improving the current operational standards for the better. This could make it difficult to embark on an automation project, but with a company like OnRobot, changing the trajectory of your project is painless.

The full portfolio of end of arm tools and robot eyes have a modular design and can be easily swapped using the quick-changer. One side is fixed to the robotic arm, and the other side is fixed to the tool. That way a robot could be set up in the morning to do a run with a vacuum gripper, and then quickly re-deployed for a different application with a 2-finger gripper. For an in-depth breakdown of the different types of tools, check out this video from our roadshow with Amber Fulmer from OnRobot:

We would like to say thank you to all the companies that allowed us to explore this new method of sharing and introducing automation to facilities in need. As summer approaches, we’d like to set up some more parking lot demos (and enjoy the beautiful weather)! If you’re interested in a visit to your facility’s parking lot, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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