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Teledyne DALSA BOA Spot ID Vision Sensor

BOA Spot: simple, affordable, and reliable performance for quality inspection. No matter what you create on your production line, BOA Spot can help you improve quality, reduce scrap, and increase throughput. It has never been so easy for you to expand your automation with vision.

With integrated LED lighting, lens cover, easy-to-use software, and easy integration with factory systems, BOA Spot instantly delivers high value capabilities at a low cost of ownership. And its robust build quality with IP67 rating means Spot is at home in harsh industrial/wash down conditions.

BOA Spot’s embedded vision tools, exposed through a simple point and click interface, can be quickly deployed for numerous automated inspection and identification tasks. Whether used for manufacturing, error-proofing, or tracking products from cradle to grave, BOA Spot vision sensors offer flexibility and a big return on a small investment.

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