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Totally Integrated Automation Portal

Regardless of what you need to engineer innovative machines, you’ll find it in Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal). It gives you unrestricted access to the complete range of digitalized automation services, from digital planning to integrated engineering and transparent operation. With TIA Portal you gain valuable competitive advantages!

TIA PORTAL - more than an engineering framework

More flexible, faster, and more productive: Innovative simulation tools, seamlessly integrated engineering, and transparent plant operation work perfectly together in TIA Portal. The new options benefit system integrators and machine builders as well as plant operators, making TIA Portal your perfect gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise.


Increase your flexibility and work in an open, virtual, and networked manner

A digital workflow lets you use virtual representations of machines and systems. You can use these to simulate and test every aspect before actually building the real thing. This “digital twin” is also connected to operational IT and the Cloud for even more flexibility and ultimately resulting in higher quality products.


The heart of efficient automation

All important automation components are integrated into TIA Portal. This means that everything from controllers to energy management can be programmed. A consistent database and libraries with frequently used functions make engineering even faster and easier.


Better overview of production processes, machine condition, and energy consumption

As global competition increases, it’s essential that you know exactly what’s happening in a machine. Transparent operation means that you can make the right decisions thanks to consistent data and in-depth analytics. This also helps you improve energy efficiency – an increasingly important factor in boosting your competitiveness.

Software in TIA Portal


With TIA Portal you not only integrate the basic software (STEP 7, WinCC, SINAMICS Startdrive, SIMOCODE ES and SIMOTION SCOUT TIA), but you also benefit from additional functionalities provided by new options such as TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering and Power Management with SIMATIC Energy Suite via a single interface. That’s why TIA Portal offers everything you need for end-to-end engineering, both now and in the future.

PLC programming with SIMATIC STEP 7  SIMATIC STEP 7 is the world's best-known and most widely used programming software in industrial automation. SIMATIC STEP 7 (TIA Portal) is a winner thanks to innovative engineering for proven and new SIMATIC controllers. > SIMATIC controllers at a glance

Visualization with SIMATIC WinCC

From machine-level visualization to the powerful SCADA system, SIMATIC WinCC in TIA Portal, with its efficient tools, covers the whole range of engineering and visualization software – integrated across all performance classes! > SIMATIC HMI systems > SIMATIC WinCC Unified System

Drive parameterization with SINAMICS Startdrive TIA Portal contains SINAMICS Startdrive to enable the intuitive integration of SINAMICS drives into the automation system. The same operating concept, the elimination of interfaces, and the high level of user-friendliness make it possible to quickly integrate SINAMICS with TIA Portal into the automation and put it into operation. > SINAMICS frequency converters

Parameterization software for SIRIUS and SIMOCODE The broad range of software for parameterization, configuration, and visualization of SIRIUS devices provides genuine added value. Thanks to an easy-to-follow representation of device functions and parameters, the user-friendly tools not only speed up the engineering process but also provide convenient diagnostic functions. Integrated into the standardized TIA Portal engineering framework, this creates an efficient and intuitive solution for all automation tasks. > SIRIUS - Industrial Controls

Motion Control in TIA Portal With the integration of motion control systems in TIA Portal, their comprehensive functionality is now available in the engineering framework. This means single and multi-axis drive systems can be controlled easily and efficiently. > Motion Control System SIMOTION > SIMATIC T-CPU > SIMATIC Drive Controller > Robot integration in TIA Portal

Power distribution in TIA Portal Increasing digitalization and automation in industry are creating new challenges for the underlying electric power distribution system. The relevant components and systems must be capable of being integrated, offer maximum flexibility, be fail-safe, and permit seamless incorporation into automated environments. > Power Distribution in TIA Portal

All details: Software and functions

TIA Portal contains a wide range of functions and options for the Digital Enterprise, in order to resolve the challenges of Industrie 4.0. That enables machine builders to reduce the time-to-market and lets plant operators boost their productivity.

Hardware in TIA Portal

The Totally Integrated Automation hardware portfolio is seamlessly integrated into TIA Portal. Hardware and software are perfectly coordinated with each other.

TIA Selection Tool

The free TIA Selection Tool uses smart configurators and selection assistants to enable you to configure hardware without errors even if you have no expert knowledge.

Starter packages and licences

TIA Portal is the proven tool for engineers in many different sectors around the world. A range of starter packages also makes it easy for you to get started with TIA Portal.


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