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Ultra-Economy Floodlight

The quality you expect at the price you need.

The most versatile, budget-friendly floodlight out there.

Designed to maximize value, the X17 is available in three sizes, six lumen packages, three CCTs, three mounts, and two colors, all with a wide 7H x 6V NEMA distribution that makes it the optimal floodlight for all general purpose applications.

Field-adjustability at a super-low cost

All X17 models offer field-adjustable color temperature (3000/4000/5000K) and an integrated photocell that can be turned on or off as needed for additional energy savings.






6 Lumen packages While most others carry 5 lumen packages, the X17 is available in everything from 15W to 140W, topping out at over 19,500 lumens all with 0-10V dimming.

High performance The X17 delivers an ultra-high efficacy of up to 152 lm/W and 80+ CRI. Its output is smooth and quiet, and comes without the flickering or humming often found in ultra-economy lighting.


TRUNNION MOUNT Available for 60-80W TX17-60-80 (bronze) TWX17-60-80 (white)

SLIPFITTER MOUNT Available for 60-80W SFX17-60-80 (bronze) TWX17-60-80 (white)

WIRE GUARD (bronze) Available for all wattages GDX17-15-35 (15-30W) GDX17-60-80 (60-80W) GDX17-105-140 (105-140W)


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