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Weidmuller: Reducing your Cost by 30% with Cabtite

More flexibility with the new frame solution: FrontTight

Space saving assembly from the outside

With FrontTight, cables can now be routed from the outside through cabinet or enclosure walls, making cable management of assembled and non-assembled cables as flexible, reliable, and efficient as possible. It allows the quick configuration of the cable entry without any tool and with reliable IP66 sealing according to DIN EN 60529.

Cabtite's Unique Advantages

  • More than 40 cable combinations in a single frame.

  • Up to 30% cost savings compared to conventional cable glands

  • Fast, Easy Tool-less Assembly of inlays, sealing elements and cover

  • Simple disassembly and reassembly for moves, adds and changes

  • All Cabtite components are UL Recognized

  • Sealing elements are shared by both Cabtite and FrontTight families


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