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Weidmuller stripax® plus Tool

An All-in-One Solution to Cut, Strip & Crimp Single Wires

Make perfect crimping the rule. With every truly durable crimp connection, you make installations more reliable, safer, and save an infinite amount of time. Weidmuller's high-quality precision crimping tools enable you to quickly and easily make perfect crimp connections that last and comply with all international standards and regulations.

Benefits at a Glance

  1. Always Crimps Correctly: This universal crimp dies with spring compensation adjust automatically. This increases crimp quality and prevents user errors.

  2. Fits Well in your Hand: Well thought-out mechanics and smart geometries ensure easy and fatigue-free operation.

  3. Never Lets you Down: Due to our high-quality standards, our crimping tools remain reliable for many years.

Improvements to the new stripax® plus make it now even easier!

  • Maximum time saving: Cutting, stripping, and crimping are done with a single tool. Regripping is not necessary. With the new stripax® plus, even the wire ferrules are automatically transported into the crimping die.

  • Fewer errors with the universal die: The new stripax® plus also offers all the advantages of the universal die: Simply insert the ferrule strips into the magazine and start immediately. A manual setting of the crimping range is not necessary.

  • More space in the tool case: The new stripax® plus replaces three tools in the field. This saves space in the toolbox and increases productivity.

The following DO's and DON'Ts should be observed for the perfect connection:


  • Formation of cracks at the sides. Sides split open

  • Crimping asymmetrically Burr formation on one side

  • Single conductor pushed back


  • Formation of cracks at the impressions of the crimping jaw

  • Single conductor squeezed off

  • Let conductor strands protrude approx. 1 to 2 mm from the copper tube

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to support Weidmuller as pioneers in digitalization - both in their own production and in the development of products, solutions and services for their customers. The stripax® plus is an innovation that not only makes the job more convenient by saving time, but also helps to increase safety. It is efficient, requiring no adjustments to different cross-sections since they are made automatically so that no manual setting is required. For durable crimp connections that make no mistakes, use Weidmuller's stripax® plus.


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