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WERMA Rotating Mirror Beacon LED

Attention-grabbing Signaling Over Long Distances

The new LED rotating mirror beacons and rotating beacons from WERMA make attention-grabbing signalling possible over longer distances and emit light over a range of 360 degrees. Thanks to their LED light source, the newly improved rotating mirror beacons are energy-saving, durable and at the same time brighter, since the use of LEDs has made it possible to increase the light intensity even further. The special Fresnel lens (884) produces beams of light that have a long range even in poor light conditions.


  • High intensity light and robust housing

  • Low power consumption

  • Easy to connect, without removing the mechanical assembly

Typical applications

Signalling faults and relaying alarms

  • in building technology

  • for door and gate systems

  • on machinery and plant, over a long distance

Initial startup

  • Base mounting

  • Tube mounting

  • Wall mounting


  • Tamper-proof and shock-resistant up to 20 joules

  • Optional wire guard to protect against mechanical damage

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to partner with WERMA as they make processes safe and keep them running efficiently. WERMA's Rotating Mirror Beacons represent a significant advancement in long-distance signaling technology. These devices offer a robust solution for various applications, such as signaling faults, relaying alarms, and providing alerts for door and gate systems, as well as machinery and plant operations. With their energy-efficient and durable LED light sources, these beacons deliver enhanced brightness and long-range visibility, even in challenging light conditions. The combination of high-intensity light, low power consumption, and versatile mounting options makes them an ideal choice for ensuring clear, attention-grabbing signals across diverse environments.


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