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Zebra Industrial Machine Vision and Fixed Scanners Brochure

Output with Greater Speed,

Accuracy and Certainty

Zebra fixed industrial scanning and

machine vision solutions

The New Reality Has Changed the Game

If you’re in manufacturing or logistics, you’re under immense pressure to get more goods out the door in less time with fewer workers—all with greater transparency and accuracy.

More is Now Expected of You

Global changes in consumer demands have led to a fundamental shift in the way business is done. Being competitive and resilient now requires:

Let Zebra show you the way with our intelligent industrial automation solutions.

Do It All with One Interoperable Portfolio

From basic track-and-trace to complex inspection, recognition and guidance tasks

Tap into Zebra’s robust lineup of fixed industrial scanning and machine vision products that deliver greater flexibility, choice, simplicity and value. Streamline how you qualify, procure and deploy automation products, software and components with a single source for all your needs.

Don’t Just Automate

Simplify with Zebra

What makes our portfolio different? In one word: you. Hundreds of manufacturers and logistic customers like you have told us what they want in an industrial automation solution.

The result: a portfolio designed to deliver greater flexibility, simplicity and value.

Our Business is to Advance Yours

It’s what we’ve done for more than five decades for a wide variety of industries. No matter our customers’ specialty, they share one thing in common: after working with us, they improved yields, reduced costs, increased efficiency and enhanced regulatory compliance. Ask us how you can do the same.

Fast-Track Your Success with Ours

​Turn to the partner who gives you more. With Zebra, you have a proven automation leader who continually invests and innovates for your future needs, from deep learning to 3D vision, robot guidance and more.

Here for You Today and Tomorrow

Get the support your customers need with Zebra OneCareTM. Zebra offers unwavering support around the clock with around-the-globe maintenance and support services such as normal wear-and-tear coverage, security updates, cloud insights into open repairs and many more.

Ready to Improve Your Margins and Metrics? So Are We.

Your customers are now measuring your performance in speed and precision, making your need for automation pressing. With Zebra’s comprehensive portfolio, there’s no holding you back. You’ll have a single source for virtually any application and the field-proven solutions to drive quality and output to new heights. Let’s partner to keep you in step with demand and ahead of what’s next.

Power-Flo - Industrial MV-FIS-Brochure - REPLACEMENT FINAL
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