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Zebra VS70 Machine Vision Smart Camera

The customizable Zebra VS70 can address complex processes and environmental challenges. Whether you need a wide-angle lens to capture large parts, a zoom lens to inspect a distant component or a specialized lens for precise measurements, you can do it all with the VS70.

Benefits of the VS70

Full Control of Smart Camera Capabilities

Address complex inspection requirements with options to easily achieve the right depth of field, the right working distance and the right lighting to capture challenging parts and works-in-process. Choose from a 2mp or 5mp color or monochrome sensor and any C-mount lens and lighting.

Superior Image Capture Reliability

Get a perfect image every time with ImagePerfect+, which captures 16 different images of a single item, each with its own settings. With Quick Draw, just draw on an image to create a tool in one step. With optimized algorithms, tools find the area of inspection right from the start - eliminating trial and error testing.

Meet Changing Business Needs With a Simple Upgrade

Take automation to the next level in your organization without buying a new device - simply purchase a license to add advanced machine vision tools or support for new barcode symbologies and increase image capture speed to the device you already own, future-proofing your investment.

Enable performance, inspire potential

Easy to Set Up

  • Automatic Set Up with Auto-Tune: with the press of one button, Auto-Tune dials in the perfect Image for faster and more accurate set up

  • Power it All Over Ethernet: reduce set up complexity and cost with support for Power-Over-Internet (POE) which powers the VS70 and attached accessories right over the network, eliminating the cost of power drops and power supplies

  • Limitless Expansion Options with USB-C: USB-C allows you to power your camera with a single cable and provides limitless accessory options

  • Locate the Right Part Successfully - Every Time: Zebra has created two key error proofing tools - Object Locate and Pattern Matching; optimized algorithms and carefully crafted default settings enable users to dependably create successful tolls with fewer clicks, less trial and error, and less deployment time and effort

Easy to Deploy

  • Address Complex Requirements With Your Choice of Lens and Lighting: the VS70 supports any external C-mount lens and any external lighting solutions - ideal when you need a specialty lens and lighting to meet complicated application, environmental and installation requirements

  • Programmable Input/Outputs (I/O) Ports: ultimate flexibility - up to nine digital I/O ports can be individually controlled to expand application functionality and improve error-proofing

  • Ultra-Rugged and Ready for Industrial Spaces: ultra-rugged design - the aluminum housing is chemical and oil restraint, IP65 and IP67 stealing ratings make the device dust tight and able to withstand high-power wash downs or even total immersion in water

  • Operator Feedback/Status Indicators: five built-in camera status LEDs - Power, Online/Run, Focus Warning, Error and Ethernet Status - make it easy to verify whether cameras are fully operational or in need of attention; in addition, a beeper with adjustable volume provides an audible cue of successful capture, so workers can keep their eyes on the job - instead of the device

  • Added Flexibility With the Zebra Aurora HMI Dashboard: operators can see and interact with the Zebra Aurora Human Machine Interface (HMI) dashboard at their station via any web browser or by directly connecting a monitor to the VS70, eliminating the need to install a PC at every workstation, reducing hardware requirements and installation costs

  • Simple, Easy and Fast Integration With Your Network Infrastructure: built-in Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and other network protocols enable painless integration with any common PLC or host system. Network architecture is simplified and deployment time and cost are reduced.

Key Differentiators: Class-leading features

  • The ultimate in customization: supports any external C-mount lens and any external lighting

  • ImagePerfect+: eliminate bypassed systems and false rejects with perfect images

  • Golden Image Compare: rapid troubleshooting for failed image capture

  • Software Upgradeable: add what you need, whenever you need it

  • USB-C: limitless expansion options

  • PoE+: power it all over Ethernet

Zebra aims to empower teams with the mobility and insight to deliver at the cutting edge of excellence. Partnered with Power-Flo Technologies, Zebra is providing more than just intelligent hardware, they offer solutions that give organizations complete visibility to make smart, nimble decisions about what action to take now, and how to plan for tomorrow. Their goal is to make your data work harder for you and the VS70 Machine Vision Smart Camera does just that, allowing for less focus on the camera and more on the task at hand.


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