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Stabiloy MC Cable


Fewer Installation Steps

A simpler process means you get done faster.

Fewer Materials Needed

There is less to organize and keep track of on the job site.

Lower Cost

Stabiloy MC cable is a fraction of the cost of copper.

In a Nutshell …

Stabiloy aluminum cable is engineered to include all of the exceptional characteristics of a pipe and wire installation, but in one rough and rugged assembly.

The Challenge

Copper cable dominates the market, but it can be expensive, difficult, and time-consuming to install. Contractors need a solution that provides more flexibility, is easier to work with, and costs less.

The Solution

STABILOY was developed by Alcan Cable. Alcan was acquired by General Cable in 2012.


General Cable is a proven cable manufacturer of aluminum building wire feeder cable systems which include single full phase identified conductors, High Speed pre-lubed conductors. Utility Service Cables, FeederPlex Cable (all the phase conductors can be pulled off the reel at the same instance). STABILOY cables are ½ the weight and cost of traditional copper conductors.  This provides cost savings and ease of installation on all standard feeder. projects.  Alcan¡¯s Prewired modular systems can offer up to 50% savings on traditional wiring device installation on new construction installations.

 STABILOY MC Cable is an all-in-one assembly offering a one-step installation. That provides significant savings over traditional conduit and copper wire installations. Strong, lightweight, aluminum alloy armor gives flexibility for bends around corners, and is not limited by the 360 degree rule. MC Cable is available with a PVC jacket, which is lead -free & cadmium-free.  Alcan MC Cable meets or exceeds the requirements of the NEC and applicable UL Standards.  All conductors are STABILOY® AA-8030 electrical grade alloy with type XHHW-2 insulation.

Approved uses: Without a jacket over armor for services, feeders & branch circuits, power lighting & signal circuits, indoors, certain hazardous locations, and cable tray. PVC MC jacketed Cable can be used outdoors, in wet locations, direct buried, encased in concrete, and in certain hazardous locations.

An RS Means study established that MC Cable provides about a 50% savings over conventional pipe & wire installations.

Fewer Installation steps:

  • No need to receive conduit & break down pallets of conduit & move to the work area.

  • No need to install conduit, elbows, junction boxes & fittings. Remove pallets & scrap conduit.

  • No need to vacuum the conduit & pull string or install pull rope.

  • No need to pull the cable into the conduit & lubricate the cable.

  • No need to transport vacuum, pull string & equipment and repeat these steps for the next work area. No clean up of cut pieces of conduit, pull string & cable lubricant.

Fewer Materials Needed:

  • With MC Cable you need fewer materials at the job site. MC Cable and fittings are equivalent to conductors, conduit, elbows, fittings and junction boxes. MC Cable requires one reel of cable per run, while conductors in conduit need five reels of conductor for a three-phase with a neutral and a equipment ground conductor.

  • MC Cable is available in sizes (AWG/kcmil) from 6AWG up to 1,000 kcmil and can provide multiple conductors for a double neutral or over sized ground conductors in a custom design cable assembly.  MC Cable is available on reels of 500 feet, 1,000 feet and larger and can be delivered with cuts. Larger reels allow for easier site management and less waste.

Lower Costs:

  • Aluminum XHHW-2 cable costs a fraction of the price of THHN Copper cable.

  • Due to weight and flexibility the installation cost of Alcan aluminum is significantly lower than copper.

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