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Switchgear Solutions

Our companies deliver complete power distribution systems, which can consist of standard ‘off the shelf’ products from national manufacturers, or can be custom-designed and fabricated by our in-house engineering team.

Contractors, professional engineers, and facilities directors often call on us when they have unique requirements or tight deadlines. We deliver rapidly, reliably and on time, even when custom panels must be built.



  • Coordination Studies

  • Residential & Commercial Meter Banks

  • Motor Controllers / Control Center

  • Fuses

  • Apartment Load Centers

  • Safety Switches

  • Busway Systems

  • Transformers

  • NYC Advisory Board Drawings

  • UL 891 Switchboards

  • UL 67 Panelboards

  • Con Edison CT Cabinets

  • LIPA CT Cabinets

  • Con Edison Service End Boxes 

  • Custom Pullboxes and Trough Work

  • 5kV and 13 kV Equipment


Very few companies in the New York region have the capabilities to take on a complete switchgear project. We can design, build, and supply everything needed to distribute power to every corner of a building from the utility company’s point of entry. Over the years we have honed a highly reliable process:

  • Evaluation & Quotes – We typically begin by evaluating the high-level project plan. At this stage we may suggest ideas for process or cost improvements based on our past experience. We assist our customers in preparing the quotes they need to submit.

  • Design & Drawings – Upon contract award, we do detailed design work and prepare complete drawings for approval. We use standard ‘off the shelf’ products when they are right for the job, but we also have the abilityto create custom-designed solutions when required.

  • Code Compliance & Approvals – We are experts in local code requirements, so our drawings are typically approved in short order. We work alongside our customers throughout the approval process to ensure that the project is not unduly delayed.

  • Fabricate & Build – Our in-house team creates custom equipment in our UL-certified fabrication shop.       We can build enclosures, source and assemble all required parts according to the approved design.

  • Delivery & Follow-up – We deliver the finished system components to our customer for installation. We continue to remain available for advice, troubleshooting, and operational questions.


One-Stop Shop

  • Single source: we take responsibility for the entire project

  • Turnkey design-build process

  • Onsite engineering review and assistance

  • AutoCAD drawings for approval

  • Product sourcing

  • Custom enclosures and panel fabrication

Financial Benefits

  • Single source eliminates multiparty coordination and reduces cost

  • Product and component purchasing power

  • Value-add services provided at highly reduced costs

Value-Add Services

  • Cost-saving process and materials recommendations

  • Drawing preparation

  • Custom motor controls engineering

  • Enclosures and panel fabrication

  • Full motor and pump repair services

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