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Upstate NY Motor / OEM Line Card


70 Wright Circle Auburn, NY 13021

Tel: 315-253-9721


75 Allied Drive Cheektowaga, NY 14227

Tel: 716-768-6702


80 Elmgrove Park Rochester, NY 14624 Tel: 585-736-5801


6500 New Venture Gear Dr. Syracuse, NY 13057 Tel: 315-399-5801


Drives, Soft Start and Controls 

Power Transmission 

Pro- Active Solutions

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24/7 Emergency Services


(315) 253-9721 OR (800) 333-0519


Field Service

On-site diagnosis and repair of electrical and mechanical equipment.

· Customer on-site services

· Optical laser alignment

· Turnkey removal & installation

· Vibration analysis and precision balancing · Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Startup

· Predictive maintenance

· Mechanical capabilities

· On-site motor service

· Thermography

Motor Repair Shop Services

· Rewind - Reconditioning

· AC & DC motors

· Servo and brush-shifting motors

· UL listed explosion-proof motors

· Gear reducers and mechanical variable speed drives

· Pumps and blowers

· Factory authorized and warranty service for all major manufacturers

· Precision balancing

· Complete in-house machining capabilities

Cryogenics Services

Our field service team has cleaned electromechanical equipment, generators and hydroelectric units throughout New York since 2002. Cryogenic cleaning leaves no moisture or residue. It is the perfect cleaning solution for electrical components.

· Specialize in generator and motor repair and rewinding

· Perform complete winding evaluation prior to and after completion of cleaning.   

Hydro Services

· Testing

· Removal and Installation

· Cryogenic Cleaning

· Onsite Rewinding

· Mechanical Service

Electrical Inspections Services

· Bus connections

· Fuses and fuse holders

· Circuit breakers

· Contractors 

· Transformers/Bushings

· Trained technicians visually inspect the insulation system to identify potential problems.

· Can build an enclosure and filter the output air to 1 micron to prevent airborne dust

Dynamic Balancing Services

Fans, armatures, rotors, pulleys, drums, gears, blowers, centrifuges, drive shafts and rolls. Our balancing machine can handle up to 15,000 lbs, 62” diameter and can balance almost any rotating part as long as it meets the machine specifications.

Mechanical Inspections Services

· Motors and pumps

· Bearings

· Laser Alignment

· Vibration Analysis

Infrared Inspection Services

The NFPA recommends IR Inspection of electrical systems. Many insurance carriers require it. This is because most electrical and many mechanical problems show an abnormal thermal signature long before failure.

All-Test Pro Technology

· Predictive maintenance

· Quality control

· Troubleshooting

· Route-based testing

· Trending

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