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Machine Vision

Due to increase reliance on automation for applications from visual parts inspection to robotic bin-picking, machine vision is a necessity in the modern factory. With its portfolio of smart camera’s, pc-based vision systems, lighting and adjustable fixtures, Power-Flo Technologies provides complete solutions. OCR/OCV, Barcode, pattern matching, measurement and edge detection are a few of the tools available in the powerful software packages.

  • Smart Cameras

  • Vision Systems

  • Line Scan Cameras

  • Image Sensors

  • Software

  • Lighting

  • Lenses

  • OCR/OCV/Barcode

  • PC Based Systems

  • Integration

  • 3D Sensors

  • Vision Controllers

  • Frame Grabbers

  • I/O Cards

  • Deep Learning

  • Multi-Camera Systems

  • Imaging Libraries

  • Integrated Development Enviornment

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