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Zebra's acquisition of Matrox® Imaging creates a comprehensive industrial automation portfolio ready to handle everything from basic track-and-trace to complex inspection, recognition and guidance tasks. From high-speed barcode reading and OCR to robot guidance and 3D sensing, you'll see more with Zebra.
Powerful Solutions with
Single-Vendor Simplicity
Zebra's machine vision portfolio expands with your business, so you can effortlessly leverage vision technology to boost yields, lower costs, and improve quality. Modular machine vision and fixed scanning components let you scale up and across portfolios with ease simply by adding complimentary hardware or upgrading your software license.
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Fixed Industrial Scanners
Ideal for high-volume industrial applications, Zebra's fixed scanners follow items through production, storage and fulfillment operations.
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Vision Controllers
Expandible Vision Controllers power
industrial installations, reducing costly downtime and lowering overall system costs.
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Smart Sensors and Cameras
From simple track-and-trace to
complex quality inspection, Zebra's
Smart Sensors and Machine Vision
Cameras automate critical operations.
Indio IO Card.jpg
Indio 1/0 Card
Turn any PC running Matrox Imaging
vision software into a genuine vision
Frame Grabbers.jpg
Frame Grabbers
Zebra Frame Grabbers support
leading interface standards and offer
a range of features that enable
high-quality image acquisition.
AltiZ 3D Sensor.jpg
AltiZ 3D Sensor
This high-fidelity 3D profile sensor
uses a dual-camera design that
combines pixel data from two
integrated image sensors.
Zebra Deep Learning OCR Simplifies OCR Deployment
Eliminate time-consuming, manual font-training from OCR setup. Deep Learning OCR uses a powerful multi-layered neural network to master text on complex backgrounds, damaged or distorted text, reflective substrates and other challenging text that can overwhelm traditional OCR solutions. The result is faster deployment of accurate OCR solutions with no need for coding or programming expertise.
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Save When You Upgrade
The GO Zebra trade-in program now includes Zebra fixed scanners and machine vision cameras.
Save up to $100 per device when you trade in your outdated hand held scanners, fixed scanners or machine vision cameras - from any manufacturer - and upgrade to Zebra's latest industrial automation technologies.
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Contact Power-Flo Technologies to learn more.
Power-Flo Technologies is a unique organization of distributors, fabricators, manufacturers, and service firms that bring innovative solutions to businesses throughout the New York metropolitan and New England areas. As a certified Zebra partner, we offer the expertise and knowledge needed to help you get the most out of the latest Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Systems.
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